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Old 22nd September 2008, 13:34   #1 (permalink)
Civic 1.8EX
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Windscreen Washer Jet

Hi Guys, recently purchased civic 1.8 ex but noticed that the jet that cleans the windscreen drivers side is blocked and does not spray correctly like the passenger side (evenly), could someone please tell me the best way to unblock the jet, would it be worth taking it back to Honda? Thanks.
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try to use a needle. maybe that thing it's blocked with dust.
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Try using a pin.
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Old 23rd September 2008, 20:45   #4 (permalink)
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Hi Wayned...had same problem with my washers...both jets were simply terrible...hardly any spray on screen....the dealer said it was probably the non return valve...but when they got down eventaully to fixing it the found the main tube feeder to the jets had a great kink in it..just like what happens with the old green plastic garden hose.They straightened the kink out and now its great...whole screen fills and wipes straight away...only noticed it when i had a courtesy car and used the wipers and saw the go see your dealer if its still on of luck...Barneybee...Eastbourne.
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Old 23rd September 2008, 20:57   #5 (permalink)
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Take it to the dealer and get them to sort it out for you
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Old 1st December 2012, 16:08   #6 (permalink)
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Honda Civic Rear Washer Jet

Similarly found both the internet unhelpful as no sources of jet nor Honda who could not supply a replacement except through a dealer.

I solved the problem as follows.

As a vet I have access to hypodermic syringes and needles.

Firstly I soaked the jet in vinegar to help dissolve any water scale, although you could use kettle de-scaler.

I then used a 5ml syringe with a 23 gauge 5/8 inch needle to flush it out. You can force the mount of the needle up inside & against the long end of the jet, and thus put pressure on the jet. I then did the same again but with a 21 gauge 5/8 needle.

Secondly I used first the 23 gauge needle and then the 21 gauge needle to clean out the metal nozzle.

Both needles will fit into this nozzle beyond the end of the bevel on the needle so you can direct liquid out of the syringe into the jet under pressure.

My jet is now working really well.

Good luck. Go and talk to your local vet if you need help.
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Old 1st December 2012, 19:57   #7 (permalink)
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I hope after over 4 years he has managed to get it unblocked by now or just replaced the ******* thing
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Old 4th December 2012, 00:11   #8 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by NE1L View Post
I hope after over 4 years he has managed to get it unblocked by now or just replaced the ******* thing

Just class that is
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