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When to change the cam belt

My wife's 2003 1.4 needs a service at 60k miles (don't ask)
The (independent) dealer I'm talking to says the cam belt needs replacing around that mileage (he hasn't seen the car yet). He's quoting 120+VAT on top of the regular service. Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks !!
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According to my service book that came with my 2005 1.4 the cambelt needs changing at 36K and 63k.

I'm not sure of the cost though, my car is a Motability vehicle and they take care of maintenance.

I see that you are in Essex, which dealer do you use? My local dealer is in Writtle and have always found them very helpful.
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I have always been under the impression that the cam belt should be changed at 60k miles and sooner rather than later. If you fail do to so and take the risk and it snaps then the car is basically a write off as it usually costs about 3/4K to fix as you really need a new engine.
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As Angie said cambelt change around 60 k is the norm i believe
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£120 is a good price for a cam belt change, if that includes the belt.
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the correct milage to change your cambelt as specified by honda on the service schedule for your 2003 civic is @72k/6yrs if on 12k service intervals or 75k/6yrs if on 12.5k intervals.
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I had a 2002 Accord and when I bought it with 40000 miles on it the dealer told me the belt had been changed. Like a fool I believed the dealer. When I went to trade with the same dealer the car had 95000 miles on the clock and I mentioned that the belt was changed at 40K so would need to be changed soon. When she checked the records it transpired that it had NOT been changed at 40K. I was damn lucky! I'd say 95000 miles on the original belt meant that it was due to break any day.
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Its quite amazing how many people don't know about cam belts and when they should be changed. I've known many a person to have the belt go and them wave goodbye to their car.

95k on it is good, i've never heard of one going for more than 100k
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Thumbs up

To easily find out when your cambelt is due for any Honda or any car for that matter I've found a website at www.mytimingbelt.com

Worth checking to avoid a snap!
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I would always change a belt well before the so called service interval, could save considerable expence, thankfully the CDTI diesel has a timing chain
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Many moons ago I had a Mitsubishi Lancer Gti 16v. The car went into Perth Mitsubishi for 50k service. I asked about the cam belt change and was told it was required at 60k. My car "only" had 48k on it. Well, two days later, on Edingurgh City Bypass, going on holiday to Berwick-on-Tweed, you guessed it the f**ker snapped! Had Green Flag recovery, so car taken to Western Mitsubishi in Edinburgh. Mechanic confirmed the belt had snapped. So, it had to be left. Now, car was fully loaded plus a roofbox. Had get a lift to Edinburgh Airport to hire an Astra estate to take us on holiday, car hire 350... On the Lancer, out of 16 valves, 14 were bent. Three rocker shafts had snapped plus the roller bearings had dropped down into the engine. Total cost of repair was 1005... in 1994! And that was with "discounts on parts" To say I was a tad angry was an understatement. After a bit of digging, I discovered that Hyundai used the same engine in their Elantra and recommended changing the belt at 36000 miles! Mitsubishi, after I threatened to go to the motoring press with a strongly worded letter I had written, refunded 350 as a good will gesture! I was made to get rid of the car a month after this as my wife didn't trust it any more. The bad news is, I ended up with a 1.8 Cavalier, which lasted a year(far too long), as she said it was "the most boring car I had ever owned!" So, if you're being charged that, take it!
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