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This is the Civinfo wiki - for the 2006 and upwards Euro Honda Civic.

It is a knowledge base or FAQ that is generated and edited by all of our forum members.

If you find simple answers to simple questions in a long thread on the forum, it would be great if you could write a summary article in the wiki. Instructions are here. Are you wondering what is a Wiki?

It also includes a summary of all of our Car of the Month winners.

Real World Brochure
A collection of photos taken by users, lists of options, wheels, dealership feedback, maintenance and everything you need to know when buying or maintaining a Civic.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about the forum, in car entertainment and satnav, lights, wheels and tyres, running in, VSA and other technical stuff.
Common or known faults including the dampers, handbrake, radio, HFT, fog lights, rattles and climate control.
DIY and How-To
All the modifications that matter! MP3 players, speakers, pulling the car apart, lighting, tuning and other DIY projects.
Useful links
A collection of Civic related and other useful links.
The Wiki Index.

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