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οι οδηγιες για τα reset ειναι οι εξης (στα Αγγλικα οπως μου τα στελνει για να μην κανω καποιο λαθος στην μεταφραση)

and we can do a reset to the controller in 2 ways:
If you gonna have the same issue you cannot open or close the mirrors ( of course the door button should be in open/ upper position) than the first option for reset is :
Press the remote controller's close button eleven (11) times, this will resets the chip, and the mirrors should fold or unfold depending where they were previously.

If solution 1 is not working, then here is the second solution:
Check that your two front windows are in upper position, than open the bonnet and remove the fuse #6. (40A) from your fuse box place under the bonnet ( near to the ECU) wait 3 mins and put back this is another reset and it should works properly ( of course if the door button of switch is in upper / open position)

In emergency:
If you cannot unfold the mirrors (but you have to go with your car)with the key or door button then follow this:
Remove the fuse number6(40A) I mentioned. Put the key in and turned it the mirrors will go out that's sure!
After this you can put back the fuse.

If you have time the "big reset" of the controller is to remove the fuse for 5 mins after you can put back and souls works normally!

If not then the ic damaged somehow but this couldnt happen with issue you discribed because if it damaged then is not working at all. And not sometimes yes sometimes not....
the 5 mins fuse out will reset the module for sure.

Πιο αναλυτικα

unfold the mirrors with the button (button should be in upper position) in your door (of course the key must be in and turned)
2 remove the key
3 open the bonnet
4 remove the fuse
5 wait 5 mins
6 put back the fuse
7 now close your car with the remote, press twice the close button (deadlock)
8 the mirrors should works and fold in
9 wait 30seconds
10 open the car
11 step in
12 put your key in and turn it
13 your mirrors will be unfold

this is how should operate!

the opτions below were provided for emergency, which means if you have folded mirrors and they don’t open whatever you do.
this means:
the fuse #6 gives 12V for controller, if you remove this you gonna have EXACTLEY the same situation as before you had w/o any controller installation. your buttons should works as worked before!
So if your mirrors are folded and the fuse is removed your mirrors will unfold automatically once you put the key in and turn it, of course if the button of the mirror on the door is in upper position as usual.if you press that button the mirrors should fold in.
long story short…if you remove the fuse#6 (near to ECU, and not inside the car, at your leg!!!!) will eliminate the controller (you will go back in the past as you never installed that in your car) with this situation your mirrors should works as before, same as you bought from dealer….. (of course your windows won’t working because you removed the fuse of it)
BUT if you don’t put back the fuse immediately and you wait for 5 mins the controller will reset, because inside is a capacitor which will discharged!

the manufacturer tested the units again and he is sure that this 5 min.break (controller w/o current 12V) will solve your problem cause by the capacitor!!

pls check out and come back!

now the manufacturer said that the controller can be instable!
which means sometimes works if you press 2 times sometimes if you press 6-7-10times the close button!
Now he is working on a solution!
If we have a solution (like we send a diode for you with instruction) we will do this if not you have to send back the units and we fix the problem!
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