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Κώστα αυτό έλαβες κι εσύ?

Hi Guys,

sorry I have a bad news!

It seems the IC which are in controller is bad. There was a process improvement regarding the response times (nano seconds) and cannot be use in this environment without filters

Now I spoke to manufacturer and we agreed that he will replace with good ones.

Of, course as I said the controllers were tested into test pad but car, and the cars other signals , noises of electronic equipments “disturb “the controller’s chip!

Pls send back all controllers to me in one shipment!
Once I receive it the guy will modify all of them and I will ship back to you ASAP!

Very-very sorry for this, but never thought that this kind of problems occurs….Testing environments are not the same of the car’s environment so this was the problem!

When can you collect all of them and send it back for replacement?

thanks and sorry again!!
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