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When I saw that the new Civic came with a 1.0 3 cylinder I couldn't help but think back to the last car I had with a similar engine, but this was a Fiesta 1.1 LX CVT. It had 4 cylinders, it had 45 bhp. If there was even the slightest waft of a head wind on the motorway it wouldn't do 70mph, it just wouldn't. The engine sounded like a bag of nails in a tumble dryer and the CVT sounded like a Kenwood Chef. 0 to 60 times, not that I care about such things, could be measured in minutes rather than seconds, and all in all, this car was pure evil spawned from the depths of Hell.

All I would say to anyone who has doubts, forget them right now. This Honda 1.0 is from another dimension compared to what may have gone before. The CVT too is quick, responsive and it's been tuned to get the best from the engine. When you accelerate off and you're hearing the snarling RAAAAAAAAA sound, more like an F1 race engine, and your little dangling magic tree air freshener is horizontal, you'll know that you've got something rather special in the engine bay!
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