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First impressions 1.0SR CVT

Great review on the 1L turbo, sounds like a cracker of an engine, the car seems more fun to drive and the ride comfort improved but it seems the idle stop / start implementation could be improved and aspects of Honda Sensing are obstrusive and possibly dangerous depending on the circumstances (as would similar systems on other car makes). I won't have to disable them on the car I'm thinking of getting (a 1.5L turbo hatch with CVT) as idle stop / start is unavailable in my market and Honda Sensing is only offered on the next (top level) trim level. I've driven the 1.5L turbo sedan with CVT recently but felt that the throttle mapping could be better; in low speed stop / start traffic or when crawling forward, if you pressed the throttle slightly too hard to fill up the gap in front, the car would surge forward and almost hit the car in front. I wonder if the aforementioned behaviour is a characteristic of CVT gearboxes in general? In normal driving you'd only need to feather and gently modulate the throttle to get good progress; such is the decent amount of useable torque in the 1.5L turbo. I would love to try a 1L 3 cylinder turbo hatch with CVT but we have a 1.8L NA 4 cylinder with CVT instead for the lower trims (sedan and hatch, a manual transmission is unavailable for our market - regardless of engine choice). Having owned two Hondas with the 1.8L, I would like a turbo car next time (for the more accessible torque). The major annoyance with the 1.8L NA is absence of low end torque, and not much mid range torque. This torque deficit can catch you unawares in some situations; you mash the pedal to the floor (in the 5AT) and if kickdown is not activated, the progress is usually leisurely. I have an idea of what the 1.8L and CVT combo is like to drive (as in our market HRV); it somehow gives the "ancient" 1.8L NA engine a new lease of life as the CVT appears to maximise torque at any road speed. What I do like about the 1.5L turbo Civic with CVT is that if you drive gently the car is very refined and smooth (however the Jazz based engine note is boring and sounds "cheap"). Once you floor the throttle in the CVT the RPM surges up and the engine gets very loud and destroys the usual lovely refinement of the car. It's like the bonnet lid underside is missing the sound dampening material. Good thing that in everyday driving you almost never need to mash the throttle in the 1.5L turbo. The CVT on the Civic is different to the implementation in a Jazz, HRV, CRV as it attempts to emulate a normal autobox "shifting" (up/down) when you depress the throttle hard but you still know that it is not a normal auto transmission so you have to work with (and get used to) it. Notwithstanding the minor flaws of the car, I still want to get one. The only other cars on my shortlist are the Golf TSI 7.5 update base trim or a Mazda 3 2.5L NA. I feel that the 10G Civic (especially in hatch form) has the best blend of reliability, practicality, styling, power, roominess, features, overall refinement, steering responsiveness, handling, build quality, cabin materials used and ride comfort.

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