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Originally Posted by cb550 View Post
Good point. What's better about the Golf compared to the Civic ? ( I would think no car model/manufacturer 'dominates' every other make- one is perhaps superior in one respect, another in a different respect)

Also some makers cleverly limit the spec. of a model to give it an attractive price using the badge 'Kudos' to bring the punters in (I'm thinking german makes here). An example, a daughter of my partner's friend recently bought a 1 series bmw 'because she has finally got some road/street respect'.
I haven't driven the 10th gen civic so I can't comment on whats better etc. I have driven a Golf, 1 series and a 2015 civic which I am looking to purchase. The Germans do offer that all round general refinement that from the moment you sit in the car and start driving, you can quite simply tell they have been put together very well with good quality materials. The sound isolation, the lack of tyre and engine noise, quality dampers, no vibrations through the wheel etc.

Golfs are quite boring cars to look at and are not much better inside, there is nothing exciting about them but yet they are still one of the highest selling cars to date. The reason for this is because they just do what a car is supposed to do and they do it very well (obviously at a slightly higher cost though).

The civic has always been the "peoples car" because whilst it may not have always used the best quality materials or have been put together as well the Germans, they have always had a special feeling to them and offer that very high level of reliability that keeps your mind at rest every day you drive them. You can just tell that no matter how hard you push them they are not going to suddenly blow up on you.

They manage to do all this without the hefty price tag. Problem is that if Honda start to hunt down the likes of Volkswagen, that price tag has got to rise upwards due to the cost in higher quality materials etc. When this happens it stops becoming the peoples car and starts to become another expensive but good quality hatchback which we already have. Also without the magic seats on the 10th gen people start to compare boots and whilst the civic has a large boot, its a lot deeper than the golfs which means it has a large boot lip (harder for dogs to get in and out of), also I'm not sure what model it is but I have seen central exhausts on the 10th gen which means no tow bar. Just a couple of things to think about.

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