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Can't recall exact details, but some of the german models have come low down in the owner satisfaction surveys. Honda have a good record in reliability and satisfaction surveys (from memory). From a personal point of view I feel far more reasured buying a japanese engineered car than a german and that I'm pretty sure is where I'll be spending my money next. 'Suppose if I thought german was better I'd be interested in buying one of those !

My partner's at the time new 1 series petrol BMW was medioca in every respect except handling where I would say it excelled. Even the missus who knows nothing about cars would mention it seemed noisier/less refined than she would have expected. Minor point but strangely there was no engine oil level dipstick. You had to enter an electronic menu and wait for it to give the reading. Many times the journey was over before that happened. Bit annoying really !
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