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Originally Posted by Bonsai View Post
I did try it, and it didn't make any noticeable difference, however, with daily use the gearbox seems to be less snappy than it was and I can manage most journeys without getting screaming engine and lurching forward all the time and most of the jerkiness seems to be subsiding.. I will admit that after my initial rush of enthusiasm I wasn't particularly happy with the CVT, but now I'm getting used to how the car responds and what throttle inputs to give it for the smoothest responses, it's much better. It takes practice though.
I spotted this online:

A drive-by-wire throttle system replaces the conventional throttle cable with intelligent electronics that link the accelerator pedal to a throttle valve inside the throttle body. The result is lower component weight, as well as quicker and more accurate throttle actuation. A specially programmed non-linear ratio between the throttle pedal and engine offers improved drivability and optimised engine response to suit specific driving conditions.
I wonder if the "non-linear mapping" can be updated to smooth it out. Alternatively, have you considered that there may be a fault with your accelerator pedal?
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