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Polished Metal Sport Plus Manual

Day 1!

So, I picked it up from the dealer today. So far, mixed results. I'm coming from a 2006 1.8 EX, so comparisons will be to that.

The good - I love the look of it, more than I thought I would. The colour is lovely, and the dark tint of the windows and roof look great with the polished metal. The drive is very smooth, and going over speed-bumps is like light and day compared with the 8G. I like the gear stick and layout. I'm starting to get used to the electronic hand-brake, but it seems to work well enough. The sat-nav is very different, and you can't see as much on the map, but it's mostly just different.

The bad - there are a lot of missing features, and the quality has apparently dropped in places. Things I'm missing: the little cupboard under the radio to keep cards & things in. The ashtray, to keep the locking wheel nut in. The enclosed space in the centre (which is now open). The glovebox doesn't have a vent. The seat raising/lowering seems a lot more creaky. Space under the boot space. The cover of the boot space (it seems to be unfinished hardboard with lumps of foam glued on! It also can't be held up.)

The ugly - so, having picked it up and driving the chicane through the dealer car park, it starts beeping continuously, warning about approaching objects. I had read about the collision mitigation having trouble on tight turns, and assumed (hoped) it was that. It went away, but later returned. After a trip to London, I took it back to the dealer. They reset it and couldn't find any faults (it wasn't doing it at the time) and I was sent on my way. It returned on the next trip. Not massively happy about this.

Don't get me wrong, I think (once the sensor problem is fixed) that it'll be a fabulous car. However, it's not all positive, and I haven't mentioned magic seats once.

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