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Day 2 - just been on a 40-mile round-trip for a bit of parkrun tourism.

I'm liking the adaptive cruise control a lot. I does have a habit of braking a little harder than I would have (some hysteresis in the distance wouldn't go amiss) and occasionally it brakes for a car in a different lane, but generally it's fantastic. Going through a 50mph limit on the motorway was trivial - set it to 55 & it keeps perfect distance to the car in front.

The lane keep assist is fun, but not something to rely on. I'm not sure if I'll leave it on all the time, but it doesn't seem to hurt as long as you keep control of the wheel. If it loses the lane detection, it turns off silently, so you do still need to keep on top of it. I did have one warning about keeping my hands on the wheel when both were, so I don't know how that gets detected, but mostly it's been spot-on. The blind-spot indicators work flawlessly, and are very useful, although I still look over my shoulder to check (old habits die hard).

On the subject of speed, I compared the speedo to Waze while my wife was driving. It looks to me to read about 5-6% over (70mph read at about 74). This is a fair change from the 9% on my 8G.

The sat-nav is taking time to get used to. It doesn't let you quickly look at the route or show where traffic is (there's much less visible on the display, which feels a lot smaller). It keeps saying "enter the roundabout" without giving a clue as to which way you're going, or the lane to get into, and it's really slow at spotting that you've gone the wrong way and deciding to recalculate.

44mpg since filling up yesterday. I don't know how far I've been, as I can't seem to find the trip distance on the display, but I've certainly been enjoying the acceleration with the turbo. However, I did find myself going slower on the motorway as the ACC would slow me down and I'd not feel the need to pull out into the next lane.

Edit: I forgot to mention, no problems with the sensors so far today. It's good and bad as it means it'll probably take longer to diagnose and fix.

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