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Originally Posted by Haltamer View Post
Excellent review; Very detailed analysis and comparison of many of the most important parts for me.

I'm disappointed to hear about the interior:- Even on my 9th gen, I'm looking to find a Alcantra cover for my centre console armrest, as the fabric is sanding off my elbow skin

It sounds as though they have focused away slightly from the luxury components that make long cruises comfortable in some ways, with the reduction in sound proofing and lacklustre audio quality.

Hopefully some of this will be ironed out in later revisions, as production continues, or in their premium trims.
I'm pleased you found it relevant.

If there's anything more I could have pointed out over what I have written it would be either well hidden or very minor. However, I could have done quite a few extra pages on just how good the car really is.

I'm not well enough informed to be able to compare and contrast all the various build/trim/option fitments so my commentary can really only be read in the context of the Sport. I do know that the audio system in the higher trims is supposed to be a good deal better. IIRC it sounded that way to me. If you are concerned just investigate the next trim up?

While they still have the new Accord from their Acura brand in the USA I think they will always want the Civic to be seen as the poor relative.

I'm not sure how long the CHB will have to wait for a mid cycle refresh as they don't seem to be able to make enough for the overseas markets. Sales volumes would probably have to be severely disrupted by a new competitive product or for them to do this soon...
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