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What do you make of...

the LED headlights?

Thanks for the well written and enjoyable review...

I agree the seat/armrest fabric is definitely hazardous to skin.

The sunroof was a desirable delete for me as every one I drove had buzzes/rattles.

Occasionally I've had the same 'deep dash groaning' but oddly never for more than a few minutes at a time.

As for the looks your point is well made and for me if you add in the Sport body kit it's yet another step up in interest and appeal.

The 1.0's I drove were so good I could quite happily have settled on one and very probably would have done so if SWMBO hadn't surprised me by saying "why don't you get the bigger engine? Cars really are your thing and you know you'll be happier with it". So I did and I am.

Like you I really really enjoy driving my 10G car. When I get in the first thing I do is an open handed finger and thumb to shut off the start stop and arm the brake hold.

Then it's major smiles per gallon all the way

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