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Originally Posted by atom3624 View Post
Post #1 - 13'20" - 250 lb ft torque?
(Checking, it is close to the actual equivalent Nm equivalent value, so slight journo error only)
Did he have a remapped one?

Joking aside, 0 - 60 mph in 6.9"???
1st - 2nd change seemed a bit brutal, but don't think he 'power-changed' (accelerator to the floor and keep it there, hoping you change OK!!).

Most magazines have been very 'ambivalent' about it, liking it at best, so it did seem a little too positive - nevertheless it was nice if it really was an unbiased review!!


He was using the speedo, so probably in real terms was 0-57 MPH.

The car does feel faster than the official figures suggest; it can be quite difficult to keep traction particularly in first gear.
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