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That was never in question...

Originally Posted by jamesmckelvie View Post
To me it's the feel of the car and how everything gels.

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certainly most would agree that, to drive, the 10g is very obviously 'all of a piece'. What has interested me though is understanding why and which aspects matter the most?

Leaving the power train aside for a moment. Having now given a great deal of thought to the question of what it is, when going from a 9g to 10g car, that so substantially reduces a driver's stress. In comparing those actual driving experiences for cause, working from memory, here's my best shot at it:

Primarily; it seems, the 10g cabin's physical layout, particularly the relationship between seating location, window height and A pillar placement, thickness and angle collectively contribute to making a driver's knowledge of where the car's 'edges' are positioned on the road so much easier to discern than in the 9g. When driving a 10g car these key dimensional elements of the design create a crucially important, effortlessly intuitive quality. Taken together with some allowance for any improvements in centre of gravity; these are probably the foremost set of contributors to the reduction of a driver's stress level.

Secondly; these ergonomic benefits then combine with the progressively geared steering to make any adjustments in the car's position on the road very well matched to the magnitude of the driver's input. While this is happening the new suspension components not only maintain greater tyre contact but also better damp down over-reactive body movement; any of which would require additional corrective input from the driver and add to their stress.

Thirdly; these components all act in conjunction with the stiffer chassis to absorb any flexure related deflections from road surface irregularities which would otherwise cause deviation from the driver's chosen line thereby increasing stress through further steering adjustments.

Although like most I 'knew' it all from moment one. It was still a surprise to discover how much less stressful this car is when compared not only with the 9g but also my previous Volvo V40. Even so it has still taken quite a while to clearly 'understand' why.

All very clever indeed and extremely well done Honda!


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