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Reversing Camera Delay

I've had my 'relatively' new car for less than a fortnight, I'm not really getting on too well with the reversing camera, I tend to still prefer to use the door mirrors, and looking over my shoulder for the initial part of reversing with the later stages done viewing the camera screen also.

When putting the car into reverse gear there is a bit of a delay for the camera to initialise and pop up on screen, and then when shuffling forward and back you lose the camera when going into first gear. Is there anyway to mod the system so the reversing camera still shows up on the screen for a duration (5sec, 10sec) after moving the gear knob out of the reverse position?

Obviously I'm fully aware that a reversing camera is an 'additional aid' and should not be relied upon when better judgement can be made by looking and assessing the manoeuvre traditionally.

How have others got on with the camera? Should I just give it a bit more time to get used to it?
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