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Originally Posted by andrewpaulb View Post
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Yes not to bad - i planned to spend the morning on it, i'd had the old unit out before to install the Connect 2 unit (now for sale) that fitting in the AUX port, so i'd had the dash to bits before.

Check out You Tube for the Videos of others taking them apart, follow, step by step and your sorted.

would recommending purchasing a trim removal kit and a long flat head screw driver as the panels do fit well and you do need to use some force at times.

once it's all out (the old one that is) it's all plug, plug, plug and it's up and running - check everything works before replacing everything and that's it.

This unit is a double DIN front but single DIN rear, which makes it less cumbersome to fit as you have more space in the dash left, useful for all the extra wires from the Connect 2 Connection kit and the steering wheel control wires.

Final Point - where to place the lead for the Car Play - if you have a large phone, DON'T place it under the little flap on the centre console, the phone won't fit. I've used the armrest and there is a useful grommet that you can cut a hole in to feed in the USB lead, this way you just need to attach your charging cable to it - Lighting or equivalent for your phone.

Even without changing the stock speakers, the sound quality is improved by the amps from the head unit. Well worth the investment, brings the car up to date in terms of ICE.

Hi Darren,

Thanks for your install info. I was wondering to what size of the double din frame have you used as the sony supplied frame is to large to fit the install.

Andrew Paul

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Hi Andrew,

The Connect 2 kit had a surround in that fits around the headunit perfectly (it has a rubber seal) so just fits over the top of the unit from the outside.

Check your box if you are using the connect 2 fascia replacement.

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