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starting to plan 2019 days.
brakes are a must before my next day (going tarox 2peice, braided hoses and maybe hc800 again), probably got 1 more day on my dunlop RT2's before they'll need replacing.

i'm extremely tempted to run my 18" (winter) wheels on the track; swap rubber around each season - ad08r, r888r, cup2's etc.

looks to be vastly cheaper on tyre costs that way; 80/tyre savings on both road focused summer tyres & dedicated track rubber. seems pointless running super expensive tyres year round for a few days/yr when they'll properly get used. Also gives me the benefit of being able to take spare tyres should something happen and need to swap.

only negative side means dropping to 225/40r18's for track rubber rather than 235-255/35r19's fitments but i doubt it will make any real difference other than slightly increased tyre wear.

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