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Thanks everyone. So many choices. I decided to rule out the 1.0 and have now had chance to drive the others. My thoughts in the order I drove them:

1.6 diesel manual: As expected, performance not up to that of my 2.2 but i wasn't expecting it to be. I was actually quite impressed by what it did deliver. Torque from standstill was good though gear ranges seemed shorter than my current 2.2. I'm sure over time I could get used to it and displayed mpg was quite impressive though, of course, not up to Honda's claims. On the down side, I found it quite noisy especially on motorway and initially put this down to road noise.

1.6 diesel auto: Quite liked this though not the ergonomic side of the 'button' gear selector.

1.5 petrol: What a difference! Noticeably quieter and better performance. What I had initially thought to be road noise I now put down to combination of road noise and diesel- perhaps compatible frequencies accentuating? I don't know but certainly much smoother and performant

1.5 auto: Initially didn't like the CVT auto as much as that on the diesel which seemed more traditionally 'stepped' but over some miles warmed to it. Reported mpg, as expected, further down.

So favourite for me is the 1.5 auto which I reckon gives similar performance to my old 2.2. Although not the economy, the lower price of UL against diesel should largely mitigate and give comparable cost per mile. Now looking for best deal on one of these and will be saying goodbye to my old faithful 57 plate 2.2 EX- fantastic car if anyone interested...
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