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hit abingdon yesterday. entirely uneventful so seems i've got the car sorted for track
ps4s's worked well but debating having my OEM balljoints modded for more camber (maxed out on -1.5). maybe -2.2 to -2.5, and/or cup2 tyres. 4S's almost indistushiable on road vs the dunlop RT2's, but havent chewed up the outter edge on track.
oil cooler also worked brilliantly. max sump (iMID) was 115c i think. Stack guages showed 101c peak at the oil thermostat, pre-cooler.
brakes held up well. turned all 3 temp bands on the dba's white which means discs got over 630c.

undecided how well the HC800's have coped - we'll find that out in the next few hours (got some caliper dust seals to replace so will check out the pad surface) and over the next few weeks with how the pads actually feel on road. i suspect with disk temp of 630c+, then i'll need different pads. research needed on that.

also had a slight technical issue where i didnt set the gopro to record. got timings, but no videos this time
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