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hc800's glazed, some cracking so wire brushed and sanded 'em up to see if they'll recover. I suspect thats £170 down the drain in 2weeks. Hope not, but past experience seems likely.
6 of the 8 brembo dust seals all crispy too. theres another £66 chewed through. i knew 4 of 'em were gone but looks like i took another 2 at trackday. Easy enough to do - pads out, screwdriver/small pry tool to pop old ones out out and finger push new ones back in.

next event unknown. need to take a step back and decide what to do when pads prove themselves over the next week. very tempted to go with a pair of Cup2s (rather than another pair of ps4s's), and would also like to get more camber to save the outter edge. all money, and it's been expensive enough recently!
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