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Well I tried the idle relearn procedure as per the above method and it made absolutely zero difference. After a bit of searching on youtube I found a slightly different method which involves disconnecting the battery and then touching the two battery leads together for about 10 seconds. This method made a very small difference but still hasn't completely cured the problem. Also the idle speed now fluctuates from about 800 to 1000rpm every few seconds but the car also now has a weird power drop whilst driving. It feels a bit like dabbing the brake for a couple of seconds even though the throttle is still on.

I've got a diagnostic tool coming this week which I'm hoping will help to remedy things back to how it was beforehand as the car has gone from being a nice place to be, to a pain in the arse and very irritating.

If anyone is thinking about cleaning their throttle body, do yourself a massive favour and leave it well alone.
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