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Civic MK8 Tramlining / Crabbing

Hi guys!

Bought a 2009 Honda Civic, it's very nice, trouble is I seem to be experiencing some sort of crabbing or tramlining.

The steering is off about 20 degrees to the left when driving in a straight line but seems to centralize when coming to a stop. It had the tracking set yesterday and still the same problem, The garage were unable to correct the steering and had a poke around, but could not find anything out of the ordinary, although they admitted they didn't know much about Hondas. When you let go of the steering it doesn't pull to either side, but the whole car sort of feels like it's driving at an angle, if that makes sense

I feel like it may be something about the rear axle - it really is a bizarre sensation. The tyres fitted are Bridgestone Potenza S001 and have very even wear.

I've had a good look through the site, but cant find anything that relates exactly to my problem.

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