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I went for the 1.5 Prestige CVT and have owned for just three months. The car performs as I expected it to and I'm very happy with it. Performance is very similar to my old 2.2 and economy is coming in at just over 40 which is, if anything, a little better than I expected.

Unfortunately, I have had some issues especially with my dealer. The a/c didn't work so went in- they diagnosed lack of gas, refilled and ensured me they had checked for, and found, no leaks. The following morning, I noticed a dent on front offside which could have happened either at the dealership or one other place as the car hadn't been out of my sight at any other time. Assuming that, if it happened at the dealership, they would have owned up, I thought initially that it must have been at the other place. By the following day, I had ruled this out as, given the angle parked up to a wall, there was no way it could have been sustained there. Further, the a/c was now blowing warm air again. So, back to the dealership... This time they diagnosed a missing O ring which they said they would have to order on warranty. Regards the incident, I asked for the cctv which they agreed to provide. However, when I returned the following week to have the a/c job done they advised that, unfortunately, the cctv wasn't available for the time in question... Regardless, they agreed to repair so, in it went again, and they pulled the dent. However, apparently, their repair man was a 'dent' man and not a 'paint' man so the scuffs and scratches remained. Also, I noticed the light unit now contained condensation either as a result of the original incident or the subsequent dent removal. They agreed to replace the light and rectify the paint which has now been done. Responsibility was never admitted, nor any apology forthcoming, so not the best early impressions and I'm tied to them with a five year service package...
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