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Originally Posted by jakabi View Post
Like the video setup you have there, great quality too.
hero4 silver, rode VideoMicro mic next to gopro pointing towards rear of car, garmin GLO 10hz GPS, Carista OBD2 all linked to RaceChronoPro.
Bought more for my own benefit so i can see lines, what works and doesnt. Very new to track myself - 4th or 5th trackday this one but i spend a lot of time researching lines and watching videos to see what others get up to.
Driver61 on youtube has definately helped me get some basics on Donington. 20min tuition on the day also helped.

1:27.18 fastest lap (last video) with track still damp off line

1:45.79 on the wettest. I've no idea how these compare to other FK2 times, but i'd like to think decently quick.
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