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Originally Posted by Skomaz View Post
might be worth checking whether the burners (bulbs) have ever been replaced and, if so that they are properly inserted and the securing screws tightened up. either could mean a misalignment that would be affecting the beam pattern.

Having said that the OE HID's in the civic don't have a particularly defined pattern anyway (and aren't actually that good) as they are reflector housings and not the more normal projector units that most HID lights have (that latter point might be why your MOT tester is suggesting they are a failure if he's not familiar with Civics).
They said they don’t deal with HID so I don’t think they know tbh and yeah I replaced the bulbs last year ? Was a horrible job to get in so maybe there not in 100% ? Is there an easy wat to get in to them ? Thavks again
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