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A little review 1.5 Sport

This is actually my first post so be a little gentle

I picked the car up on the 18th July, which is a company car. In the two weeks of use, I've clocked up just under 2k miles, so this is a short ownership review.

The good stuff.
The 1.5 engine is great fun, I didn't drive the 1.0 so can't compare, but glad I went for the 1.5.

The gearbox feels smooth and the gear stick is easy to work.

The look of the car is sporty without being OTT in a type R way.

The twin exhaust adds an extra sporty touch to the car.

MPG seems decent, the car is claiming 50mpg, but in my experience these usually read about 10% over.

Steering and suspension are good, the car rides the potholed roads we enjoy in the UK quite well.

Generous boot space for a car of this size. I carry a fair amount around with me, so works well for my needs.

I'm sure there's more good stuff, so will add as I think of/remember them

The not so good.
The sat nav is not great. I was surprised that they use the TMC system for traffic monitoring. The system is old school and not good enough to keep up to date with most traffic. OK, I knew about this before ordering, but gave it a try before giving up and using google/waze for sat nav purposes.

The voice system for the sat nav is strange. In most other cars I've driven the radio volume lowers when the sat nav speaks. In the Civic I have to have the sat nav volume up load enough to be heard over the radio. If your on the phone, the sat nav interrupts (very loudly) during the conversation (not with Android Auto, only the Garmin).

The rain sensors leave a lot to be desired. They seem to start off ok when it rains, but then go crazy. In heavy rain they are slow and with only a few spots, they go full speed. I would have thought a company like Honda would have a better system than this.

The arm rest on the door is not well padded. I tend to drive with my elbow resting on it on a long drive. After a while it becomes uncomfortable. Likewise, where my left knee rests against the centre console the plastic is hard and I end up moving into different places to stop the rubbing.

The annoying.
There's a squeaky vibration from the roof lining, right above my right ear. Not a big issue with the music playing, but bloody annoying during quieter periods.

The radio bugged out on me today. I used the Garmin sat nav and the voice was working, but nothing else. Couldn't get any sound out of it and couldn't change the source. It worked fine after restarting, but might be a trip to the dealer if it keeps happening.

Overall the car is great, it has a few niggles, but what car hasn't. I'll be doing high miles in it, so we'll see how it goes in the long term.
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