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Originally Posted by Das View Post
Honda do seem to always be a few years behind everyone else in a lot of areas. Infotainment always seems to get poor write ups when you read reviews, youd think a company in Japan would have access to the best Tech on offer.
The headlining rattle is a known issue, plenty report the same. Have you found the whistle from the AC yet?
Erratic auto wipers are the same on my Gen8, so I just use them manually.
Is your the normal or Sport Plus version?
Mine is just the normal sport (cheaper company car tax )

Has anyone found a cure for the headlining issue? Not sure how much more my roof can take of me punching it I thought the rattle was from the sunroof, unless there are two known issues?

The AC seems fine, I think being a 2019 model they may have fitted the upgraded bit that stops the whine.

It is a shame about the infotainment system, it could be so much better.
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