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Originally Posted by nuclearstar View Post
The sat nav voice volume/radio can be adjusted in the settings. Can't remember exactly where, i found by accident as the sat nav voice was too low and kept missing commands if i had the radio on. Found the setting by messing about. Don't think its in the sat nav settings though

Totally agree with you re door arm rest (and centre consul) and knee rub. Should have better support and a pad for the knee like the 8G.

Another niggle i have is the window buttons are for me, set in the wrong position. I regularly open the back windows by accident.

Seven months in, 7 k miles, love the car but still miss my 8G.
I missed this post as it was posted almost the same time as my last post.
The satnav volume is easily adjusted, just wait for her to speak and hit the volume up or down (wonder if this would work with the wife )
My problem with the volume is that it competes with the radio or whatever source you have on.

Not had an issue with the window switches, but have caught the hazzard lights button a few times when adjusting the vents.

On another note, my headlining above the door is now hanging down after me pulling down it in anger
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