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Thanks, I'll take a look at your review

Using AA with Google, the directions show in the drivers display fine. If I use Waze, the directions work apart from roundabouts.

I've also had issues with the maps freezing (both Google and Waze). The map screen freezes but the voice continues to give directions. I have to unplug the cable, wait for an 'Android Auto has stopped working' message then plug it back in. Works fine after that, so no idea what is causing it. It's happened with two different phones and cables, so assume it's the head unit.

I've got another little niggle, which I'm trying to see if I can work around. My car is a company car, so need to connect my work phone via Bluetooth for calls. Downside to my work phone is they only give us limited data, so I thought I'd use my own phone for AA, as I have lots of data. Problem is, connect my phone to the cable and it tells me it will disconnect my work phones Bluetooth connection. Not sure how to get around this, but will keep looking.
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