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Chrisstange 5th January 2014 22:14

Engine Whine help please!?!
Hi guys,

after scrolling through most of the forum i can't find anything similar so i hope you gurus can help!!

i noticed a whine coming from the engine(2.2 2008), had a look and it sounds like its coming from the auxillary belt area. last week took off the belt tensioner and alternator and span them to see if there was any sound. alternator sounded ok but noise from the belt tensioner bearing so i changed that. Alas still whining. A mechanic had a quick look(with stethoscope) and said he thinks its the water pump.

now i can get the water pump for about 50 but was wondering if its an easy job to change or will i need to drop it into a garage?

thanks in advance for any help


Chrisstange 2nd February 2014 12:25

Just to let people know. Had booked into garage for water pump change. Mechanic said it's not that!

Bit the bullet and took it to honda Lincoln for diagnostics. Ended up being air con clutch bearing that is on the compressor so bought a used one off breakers yard and got it fitted by honda(they price match labour from other garages) so paid 150 for compressor change and regas which I think was a bargain. Also paid 150 for compressor so all in all ended up cheaper than the 1008 quoted by honda.

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Jason85 2nd February 2014 12:37

I thought u had a ctr, maybe the noise I get is different, whats the bearing on the compressor?

Chrisstange 2nd February 2014 22:14

The bearing is just what connects the shaft to components. If the bearing are worn or have burrs on them then they will make a noise before failing.

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