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Check System - ABS and VSA warning lights

Hi all,

I'm new here, first post and hoping you guys havethe expertise to point me in the right direction.

I've got an 8th Gen 1.4L Honda Civic, 2007 reg,~94,000 miles.

A couple of weeks ago the ABS and VSA warninglights came on shortly after starting the engine. I pulled over, engine off andon again, lights didn't come back. Was fine for a few weeks but now theABS and VSA lights come on when the engine is running, either immediately orafter driving a couple of meters.

I've done some research and got an OBD2 readerwith ABS. There are no engine fault codes and no fault codes being shown underthe ABS on the reader, but lights still on.

I've checked all 4 wheel sensors with the OBD2live stream, all 4 showing up and showing realistic movement with all 4 wheelsshowing very similar readings. The ABS Pump reading says 'STOP' and my partnersays she didn't see it change during the emergency stop when we could feel the ABSkicking in. Not sure if that is a problem...

I've checked the VSA fuse under the bonnet, looksfine and continuity check with multi-meter is fine. I've done the samewith the ABS fuse under the steering wheel, again looks fine andcontinuity check is fine.

I've checked the brake fluid level, all fine.

I've tested the braking with a couple of emergencystops and the ABS kicks in, I feel the juddering of it and no loss of controlof the car etc so that seems fine. As it is working that suggest to methat the ABS modulator is working.

I'm pretty much out of ideas. I don't want to takeit to Honda just yet as I'm afraid they are going to say it is the modulatorand that is over 1,000 just for the part on Lings Honda. That is as muchas I know about the ABS and VSA systems. I did wonder about the YAWsensor if that was involved but that reads fine. The OBD2 reader does showthe Longitudal Acceleration Sensor as 0 when moving, so wondering if thatsensor has failed and if that would show as ABS VSA fault?

Any advice on what to check next or if the answeris already in the test results (but I'm not knowledgeable enough to know it)would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Martin.
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if the ABS / VSA light is on there should be a stored code
which code reader have you got and is it fully compatible with the civic ?

my layman thoughts on how the ABS system works is when it first does it checks when you switch the ignition on is it checks each ABS sensor as well as the other components and if everything appears ok the lights go out
when you drive off and reach a speed of 10mph or more if the reading from one of the sensors is faulty / intermittent it will throw an error code up and the lights would come on which would point to a dodgy sensor or a failing magnetic ring on the bearing through damage or a build up of gunk / crap
at this point you should be able to read the error code

if an abs sensor has failed outright the lights stay on as soon as you turn the ignition on which most commonly show an open circuit error on the sensor that has failed on the diagnostic reading

a quick test to make sure the diagnostic device you have is reading properly is to unplug one of the ABS sensors from it wiring harness and do an ABS diagnostic test
if it shows the ABS sensor you have unplugged as an open circuit error at least it seems to be doing it's job
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Thanks Cosmicma, I've got a Launch CRP123. As to if it is fully compatible, not sure, is there a Honda certified list of readers? Launch site says supports Honda and all petrol vehicles from 2001, I updated the software with the latest 2018 version. It did show an old code from a previous battery failure, so I'm assuming it is compatible.

Interestingly enough today on the drive in and home from work, no error lights. VSA and ABS lights come on and go off as normal after inserting the key. Odd as they were very persistent on Friday and Saturday. Nothing is really relevant has changed. I did replace the auxiliary belt as that has never been done, in doing that I steam cleaned and liberally sprayed some brake and clutch cleaner whilst the wheel was off. Other than that I stepped in some dog poo, so maybe that was lucky s**t, or maybe the error is going to come back. Just seems unlikely that a little bit of a clean in the wheel arch of one wheel sorted it....

I found a link via this forum to fn2workshop dot co dot united kingdom which has a workshop manual and all the fault testing for VSA, so that along with your suggestions gives me something to go on if the lights come back!

which has a workshop manual and all the fault testing for VSA, so that along with your suggestions gives me something to go on if the lights come back!
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let us know how you get on and if the Launch CRP123 is compatible with the civics it will help others who might be thinking of buying one
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I've had all 4 wheel sensors replaced over the last 3 years they are a weak point on the Civic, the last one showed as lights on and off intermittently then they stayed off for several weeks of running but ultimately the sensor needed replacing. I'm certain that's your issue even if your code reader isn't picking up the issues, my local garages code reader for ABS works with just about all cars except the Civic's they have to borrow a special plug in circuit board to get accurate fault reading.
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