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Good old motor ombudsman.

No really I'm lying, they've had this case for months, nothing, not even a hi this is where we're up to - and when you call, you're on hold for 5 minutes before the phone is put down -_-

I need to review all the phone recordings I've got from the finance company - I'm hoping there's another silver bullet in there I can add to the case.
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Over 36000 views of both the reviews I've made and evidence I've put up online now, it's good to see people are making more informed choices based on my experience !
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Actually 3,600+

But I agree with you, bad service needs publishing in a name and shame manner.
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Stilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll waiting on the ombudsman...

On the plus side, I've been informed Holdcroft is losing a branch - the crewe one formerly known as Stuart Graham Honda.

Being purchased by Robert Eardley Skoda.

Hopefully that means better management if problems occur - I'll definitely be dropping them a letter about my experience just so they can be made aware of how Holdcroft treated other (and former) owners.
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I found it amazing how different your experience with dealers from the same brand can be. I've interacted with 3 Honda dealers in my time. 2 I could not fault, the other however....

I was a bit of a latecomer to car ownership, having never needed one (especially when living in London). However, not long before I was due to make an honest woman of t'other half, I done gone and knocked her up, so all of a sudden, a car was needed. We asked our wedding guests for a contribution towards a car instead of more conventional presents, and thanks to very generous parental units, we were flush with cash. After a bit of research, I had decided that a Mk 8 Civic was the car for me. So I toddled into our nearest dealer (Thames Ditton), and confidently told them I was looking for a 1.8 Auto Civic, not too many miles and not too old, and how much cash I had to spend. Now, I will freely admit, I was being ambitious with my demands, but all I got in return was: "sorry, can't help you."

Now this took me aback. Maybe if they had told me I was being a bit ambitious, and with the cash I had I would need to compromise with one that was a little older or higher mileage, I would understand it. But to simply get palmed off with "sorry, can't help you" - seriously? Isn't your job to sell people cars? No how about this alternative, no I'll see what I could find. Just abject disinterest.

Anyway, I spotted a car of interest located at Chiswick Honda, so roped my dad (who is the family font of knowledge for things mechanical) and 'Er indoors to have a look. We were having a look at the car outside when a friendly saleslady sidled up. The instant I mentioned interest and the availability of money, we were pretty much dragged into dealership and plied with tea, coffee and buscuits while they worked out how best to separate me from cash. Suffice to say, we left after signing on the dotted line.

The contrast with the treatment from Thames Ditton was remarkable. This was made more evident later on, when, before making my first drive to deepest, darkest Cornwall, I returned to TD Honda for a space saver tire (mainly due to proximity). When I asked for one, I was told none were in stock, and I would have to order it, with a week wait. I duly did so. Two weeks later, after hearing nothing, I went back and asked about my tire. They could not find any evidence of an order...... I duly reorder (waiting time 1 week). 2 Weeks later, nothing still had been heard. Suffice to say, I have not been back to TD Honda again.

After several years of happy motoring, my good lady expressed an interest in a newer car. Flush once more after securing a higher paid job, we approached Blade Honda in Gloucester as I had my heart set on a new Mk 10. Again, the moment they knew we were not only looking to buy, but looking to by new, we were treated like Royalty (more tea, coffee and biscuits). The upshot, we are now the proud owners of a 1.5 Sport CVT. I like to think I drove a hard bargain, Blade Honda may well laugh at my presumption. But we both came out of the transaction happy.

So, three dealers, 2 good experiences and 1 miserable one.
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Sorry for the delay I didn't see your post till now.

Yeah it's a funny one that some dealers are great and others like Holdcroft are shockingly bad, and according to the dealings I've had with Honda UK that's because they're all franchised, so they're all separate businesses that pay to use the Honda name, however when you have an issue and go to Honda UK, their stance is that they are Honda in name only - i.e it's not their problem.

Which is a bit of a daft response really, by allowing someone to licence your name they should be held to account for any failings that bring the brand name into disrepute!

I mean I've had an update to my case, it's FINALLLLYYYY been received by the ombudsman, and an adjudicator has looked at it and found that Holdcroft are in breach of their codes of practice - like I've been saying for nearly 12 months!

When we went in to buy both cars everyone was really nice and it was all pleasant, until we had issues with the accord over and over and over and over again, then the civic we found faults with and the dealerships response was to basically sod off when I posted a review of them online via google reviews saying I've had two cars from them and SIX MONTHS later I was still having things repaired that should have been done before I picked up the cars, not to mention the complete balls up on fitting proper heated seats and dual controls that didn't try and kill you off.

On the plus side the Ombudsman has found fault with Holdcroft, though not to the degree I would agree with so I've gone back to challenge their decision from the adjudicator, hopefully this spurs things along and they are more in line with my thinking, if not it's then down to the ombudsman to have the final review, but they received another 30-40 pages of evidence this week to go through so I can't see them changing the ruling overnight, it's going to take time to investigate and query my evidence

Safe to say one of the things I've since found out is the Accord I had was returned by a prior customer before I purchased it, it was a known problem car...

And they sold it as an approved used Honda? Of which I've since found out it didn't meet the requirements of, it was over 8 years old when sold and therefore unable to be sold as such, therefore in law the car was miss-sold and due to refusing to repair the vehicles in law I believe I'm entitled to a full and frank refund as Holdcroft are in breach of the consumer rights act 2015.

I do have to stay positive though, the message is spreading, I had an email this morning saying the review images I put up to accompany my google reviews of Holdcroft (as Holdcroft deny any wrong doing therefore I put picture evidence up to validate what I was saying), has now got over 100 THOUSAND views, so obviously people are looking and seeing what shoddy service Holdcroft offer customers when things go wrong.
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