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DavidMC43 9th September 2018 20:24

What is aha and how do you get it to do anything?
So I found this 'aha' logo in the car infotainment screens today and seemingly it works via 'HondaLink' - which I downloaded on to my iPhone.

I'm just curious really - how it works and what it offers. I am confused as one source seems to suggest you need some extra hardware adding by the dealer to the car for it to work?

When I fire it up in the car is declares the OS needs updating or something... The app seems to work on the phone and one cool thing was when it pulled in my amazon music purchases which it would be nice to access (although I am guessing all this is live and going to consume data on the phone contract)?

Any pointers?


wildbill 9th September 2018 21:00

Assuming you have a mobile data plan on your phone, then connect the phone via USB and that's all that is required to get aha to work.
Personally I prefer to use Spotify via Android Auto.

Steve_m 10th September 2018 19:14

You need to tether your phone as a WiFi source for data.

Provides some details of the use of aha

CivicCliff 11th September 2018 11:50

Or if your phone supports CarPlay or Android Auto - just use a supported internet radio app via one of those platforms.

I sometimes use TuneIn Radio via CarPlay.

DavidMC43 11th September 2018 22:03

Ok I guess the warning about hardware compatibility is cos an iPod was plugged into a USB (not the phone - it is connected by bluetooth however).

Thanks for the info

Johnsavill37 19th April 2019 23:33

I mostly use Spotify, but I find Aha has some good playlists and there is no cost. As per previous reply, you need to tether your phone as a wi-fi source for Aha to work. you need to create an Aha account as well.

Chubbycloud 20th April 2019 04:48

I had aha in my 2016 civic, from what I remember it wasnít anything special, I ended up installing a load of apps instead (Spotify, waze etc), it was a bit of a ball ache.

If itís just for music might be easier to play via Bluetooth, also if youíve got hefty updates and worried about smashing your data allowance you should be able to connect to your home WiFi (or work..).

Chubbycloud 20th April 2019 04:50

Pretty good overview of everything on that link

flashy 20th April 2019 11:22

WillemJanse 30th April 2019 07:55

I use spotify. Always works really well for me

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