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How to: Replace windscreen washer pump & Tank

Recently my washer jets have been really poor and not even hitting the windscreen wipers, making cleaning the windscreen a nightmare. Anyway, after doing a bit of fault finding [Splitting the pipe where it goes up to the bonnet and testing output from the pump], I found there was very little flow out of the pump.

I'd read there was a filter in there somewhere, but couldn't find where. So, being me, ordered a new pump and jumped in.

Hope this helps people with this issue in future.

So, What will I need?

19mm Socket & Breaker bar [To remove wheel]
Trolley jack & Axle stands [To jack the car]
Flat head [terminal] screwdriver [clips]
Phillips screwdriver [Only if removing the bumper]
Needle nose pliers [clips]
10mm socket [Only if removing the tank]

And a pump, I got mine from EuroCarParts, here
Aftermarket Honda for additional information, click on part detail | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer

If you're just replacing the pump/cleaning the filter, there's no need to take off the bumper. However, If you're taking the tank off (Like I did), you'll need to remove the front bumper - There are other how-to's on this, so won't be covering it.

First, Remove the front RHS wheel & Jack up [I won't go into how, there are loads of other threads about it on the internet].

Once you've done that, you should be greeted by this. Remove the highlighted clips (There are some more on the inside of the wheel arch, just remove as many that look like they are holding the arch in place. (Sorry if the circles aren't too visible).

When you've taken off [Or enough to access the tank/pump], you should be able to see the pump.

The pump should lift out. Don't pull, lift directly out. There should be enough slack from pipe & electrical cable to allow you to do this. Alternatively, you could disconnect the pipe & cable before, I just found it easier this way.

Note, when you do this, your fluid will start to come out of the hole you've just taken the pump from, so make sure you've got a bucket handy to catch the water.

Directly below the pump, there's a rubber bund. Pull this out, this is the filter from the main tank to stop the slime etc from going into the pump. This is what mine looked like [This is what was causing my issue, as suspected. I thought whilst I was there I'd replace the pump too].

Can you guess why it was causing an issue?

Stupidly, I didn't take a picture when it was clean, but rest assured, it's not black! It's white and full of holes, not slime! Pro-tip - I used an old toothbrush (Didn't have a wire brush handy) and water to clean. Didn't take long to do.

When it's clean, push it all back together and job's a good'un. Literally reverse the first steps. It's a simple enough task, but when you're going in blind it can be a bit of a pain.

Removing the tank

Firstly, unclip the hoses and cables from the tank

Then, there are three bolts holding it in place [10mm socket required]

To remove pump, pull down so it releases from the fill pipe

And it's as simple as that!

To put it back together, simply reverse the order.

When putting the tank back on, I'd check where the cables are as I got it back on, but had trapped a wiring loom behind it, so had to take it back off again.

Hope this helps someone
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I did mine two weeks ago because car failed M.O..T ,i thought it was the motor but read on this forum to check the filter first & mine was black with gunk ,cleaned it n took it straight back for my years ticket happy days.
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This helped me so much! Thanks
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Brilliant 'How To', thanks. Got a feeling I'll be doing this soon :-/
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pump running but no washers

Washers packed up yesterday,read your post and looked at pictures,would never have found that filter, had a problem with the clips at first before seeing you had to take centre of clip out first and then the clip on mine (2.2 56 plate deisil ) also mine had 2sizes of clip that I did not notice while taking them out.had to take the wing trim of as well but no breakages.So put it all together ( should have noted the positions of the relivent plastic bits a bit better )any way put it back up the drive and noticed water dripping onto deck around tank position ,The previous evening while messing about I had removed the throat piece at the top of the tank (push fit O ring) and replaced it and because I had filled it right to the top it was leaking at the joint down around tank position Phew didn't fancy tacking that apart again.Once again thanks ,that filter was so small you would think it would block more often.
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Glad this helped guys!
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Thanks Bassline Toad. I managed to do this without moving the front wheel, although was a bit awkward and I had gunk in my plunger! All worked fine although took a long while for water to come through 1-2 minutes. But when I put it back together and turned it all back on it dribbled out of the washers again...oh no I thought, not again!! But it turned out after lots of scratching my head that the blue lid to the washer tank is not suitable and because it only had a tiny hole in it, it wasn't letting through enough air and meaning the pump was operating in a vacuum, hence the dribbling sprayers. I drilled a bigger hold in the lid and hey presto, full power spray..Yaaaaaayyyy!
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Used this guide to remove and clean my filter today.
Washers working as new, thanks.
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Big thanks to Bassline Toad for this helpful info. Interestingly I had exactly the same problem on my daughters Peugeot 106 - The pump & filter are also in a very similar place - A complete pig to get to.
Just a thought motor manufacturer's, if you have fitted a filter to it one day it will need cleaning. Any danger of making it a bit easier to get to?
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I was searching for this how to, thank you
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Thanks to MFG from:
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I will possibly need to do this as well.

Thank you for the pics.

Here is a PDF of the proceedure

Water reservoir removal and replacement.pdf
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I've just done this today.

Thanks for the guide Saved some money and lots of head scratching.

Here's a picture of the filter when cleaned up (note its shorter than I expected from the OP):

And a picture with the pump out. The black ring attached to the tank (just below the spindle) is the filter. (The spindle at the bottom pushes into the filter. Thus the pump must lift straight up. Note its a tight fit):

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Thx for the thread, very handy

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I have a Honda Jazz V-tec and my windshield water pipe has been destroyed by Rats and we did buy a new pipe but just cannot get our hands in to get the new pipe connected. Is there a easy way of replacing this pipe or do we have to take of the side panel?
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Thankyou for posting this.
took me about 1 hour to clean the filter and flush the reservoir and replace.

The last time the filter clogged(about 3-4 years ago), Honda charged me an arm and leg to get it through the MOT.
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I've been planning on cleaning the filter since I bought the car, this guide helped me SO much, thanks for the help!

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Send a message via MSN to Alanok
First of all many thanks for the instructions. They proved very useful.

So I had the familiar problem of weak pressure in the washers causing little water hitting the screen.

Using the helpful instructions I took apart the wheelarch. I found there was a leak between where the bottom of the washer pump joins on to the tank.

My question is will a new pump fix this leak? Also how do I get this pump out? I tried following the instructions and pulling up but it was firmly stuck.

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Thanks for this, I am going to attempt this when I get time.
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Thanks for this howto guide
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sometimes you can use airline to blow backwards from the jets
just remove at easiest point and blow back towards tank

try to use same screen wash all time theres a few reports mixing different makes is causing the screen wash to gel up and block the pump filter
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