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FWH 1st January 2008 22:43

Common ICE questions
Are the Honda upgrades like Bassworks any good?

Most people feel that they are not value for money.

Does the head unit play MP3 CDs?


It also displays some id3 tag data.
On satnav cars this is displayed on the main satnav screen: Satnav demo - Civinfo Wiki
On other cars it is displayed on the aircon / radio display.

It also plays WMA files, but no other formats.

To make an MP3 or WMA disc, look here:
How to make an MP3 CD - Civinfo Wiki

The 6 disc changer only plays audio CDs, not mp3s.

Does the Civic has an AUX in, for connecting an mp3 player or similar?


There is a Honda ipod adapter, which most people feel is expensive and limited in it´s functionality.
There are several aftermarket solutions:
Connecting an MP3 player - Civinfo Wiki

See also:

They do not however show and id3 data on the in car screen.

You can of course also use an FM transmitter, although this does have limitations with regard to sound quality.

Can I upgrade the speakers?


There are aftermarket products that most people feel are better and better value for money than the Honda upgrades.

Front doors: Mod - install Infinity front speakers - Civinfo Wiki

Rear of a 3 door:

You can also add some sound damping material:

Does the original head unit have line out connectors for connecting an amplifier?


But, you can use a Line Out Converter (LOC) to convert speaker level signals to line level signals.

Or, use an amplifier that can directly take speaker level signals.

Can I add a subwoofer?

Related to the question of the amplifier above.
Yes you can, have a look here:
Subwoofers - Civinfo Wiki

There are several other examples of ICE installs in both Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE - Civinfo and How To - Civinfo.

For example:

How to install an entire ICE system

My sub/speaker install

My ICE (lot's of pics)

Fitting an Amplifier and speakers

[HOW TO] Install a subwoofer and amp

Can I change the head unit?

The original head unit is a central part of the car and needs to be retained. It is not a very easy job, but it has been done.

Changing the head unit - Civinfo Wiki

What type of head unit is in the Civic?

It is a Panasonic CQ-MH5571LC

It has approx 12W RMS of power.

On the satnav model, can I use the satnav and CD player at the same time?


The satnav uses a seperate DVD player in the glovebox.

On the satnav model, can I use the DVD to play films on the screen?


But, with some fairly extensive modifications, you can play films on the screen.

Further questions?

Before posting a new question, also have a look at

You can always check for the latest information in the Wiki: Main Page - Civinfo Wiki
or try a search: Civinfo - Search Forums

Bog 1st January 2008 22:51

Good post FWH!

This should be a 'Sticky'

illegalhunter 2nd January 2008 08:17

Great post , & i didny no somebody had changed the rears.

Munro 2nd January 2008 10:45


Originally Posted by Bog (Post 132745)
Good post FWH!

This should be a 'Sticky'

I agree, a great summary for those thinking about ICE upgrades.

One new diamond for me was finding a good / easy route for a power cable for a sub "i ran the power cable from the battery, there is a plate behind the glove box which is where the wirring loom would be if the car was left hand drive."

thomasz 13th June 2008 05:54

Hot post. Thanks to share the info. ;)

Warbaman 3rd November 2008 19:37

I want to change my head unit and im wondering if the Changing The Headunit page applied to the 1.4 model since it doesnt have satnav or any of that junk?

Wills Wheels 13th April 2009 20:16

The built in stereo is definatly a downside to the new civic. Converting the dash definatly looks like way more hassel than it is really worth.... Unless you enjoy playing with fibreglass.

eurofn 8th May 2009 14:58

wohoo! finally! :-)

Alscivic-ctdi 13th September 2009 19:23

great stuff all my ice questions answered on this post. thumbs up

Aquatimer 17th June 2013 17:30

I have a I pod connector kit for sale will fit civic 2006 to 2010. But this is not compatible with a factory fitted sat Nav. Please see my e bay page aquatimer-iwc.
Only 50.00 buy it now.

DaaaGz 16th January 2017 13:15

ive got the connects 2 kit but have a question. whats the blue wire for on the aerial adapater? where does it go? and the blue and pink wires on the swc lead coz the instructions just have them going off. does the blue wire from the aerial go into the blue wire from the swc connector (labelled as amp remote)

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