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flashy 27th January 2019 23:37

Double din for my Ep3 - a couple of questions
I'm looking at putting a double din in my Ep3, but I need to ask a couple of questions for those with a bit more knowledge of the subject.

Are all double dins a standard size? Basically, how do I find out which ones are compatible with my car?
Are they plug and play or will I need something other than just the head unit?
Recommendations? Been looking at Sony or Pioneer.

tricky70 28th January 2019 10:15

Ray_S 28th January 2019 23:39

Double DIN headunits sizes can vary slightly, the aperture in the EP3 is large enough not to worry.

The EP3 Type-R requires a harness adapter, either Autoleads PC2-68-4 or Connects2 CT20HD02 will do. No steering wheel controls to worry about.

Depending on the headunit you chose you may also need an aerial adapter and maybe a DAB antenna.

Here are a couple of more vids.

flashy 29th January 2019 06:53

Excellent, thanks guys

flashy 29th January 2019 08:52

Ordered the PC2 kit with fascia panel, brackets, lead and aerial adapter. Just need to get a DD now :wink3:

flashy 1st February 2019 16:43

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Game on

tricky70 1st February 2019 18:02

Good choice, a change from the usual touch screen units.

flashy 1st February 2019 18:37

I know mate, I wanted something that was simple but had some decent features and sound. Ticked the boxes for me :smile3:

RickHondaR 1st February 2019 18:51

I fitted a Kenwood double din in my EP3 years ago, the problem you have is the hole is not big enough to house a double din flush with the bezel fitted. I got round this by using a belt sander to shave a few mm of the to and bottom of the double din bezel trim so this then fitted nice and flush.

Only problem is I am not sure if you can buy the head unit bezel trims separate so you only get one chance at this! Just to add I fitted mine oem style in the hole without the silver trim panel you have in the pictures.

flashy 1st February 2019 19:31

Thanks Rick, gonna be a bit of trial and error :laugh2:

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