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Emily Sheppard 17th February 2019 13:34

Satnav faulty display?
I have a Honda Civic Vtec mk8 and my satnav display screen is faulty, I replaced the screen but am having the same issue so believe it’s a wiring problem, can’t find anything on the internet to help.

When I turn my engine on the display shows up very distorted with the words navigation off to the bottom right as tho the display is in the wrong place with coloured squares over the rest of the screen and then they cover the screen and nothing happens, cleaned the disk but still the same problem?

Kremmen 17th February 2019 13:57

Can you add your model details in your UserCP because the 9G Civic has 2 very different SatNav systems:

Alpine (2012-2014) or Garmin (2015-2016).

Emily Sheppard 17th February 2019 14:58

All I know is that it’s a 2008 HONDA CIVIC EX I-VTEC 1798CC 5DR

Kremmen 17th February 2019 15:49

In that case .... moved from the 2012-2016 9G to the 2006-2011 8G section.

You threw me for a while there.

That's a new one. Have you checked the DVD for wear, just in case.

Emily Sheppard 17th February 2019 17:46

I don’t think it’s a disc problem as I’ve put another disc in and the screen is still having issues, even with no disc inserted the lcd has small white spots - do you know which wires id need to change

Malcster75 17th February 2019 22:29

So you've ruled out the screen was the replacement screen working ok before you installed it

I can't see it being a wiring fault

More than likely DVD or drive on its way out

Where are you based ??

Kremmen 18th February 2019 04:38

Apart from the SatNav mapping side do the other car info displays work OK ?

Emily Sheppard 18th February 2019 11:36

Yeah display on everything else is amazing am based in south west England, just sat nav navigation screen

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