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ante00 26th April 2007 11:03

replacement car speaker???
i'm planing to replace my speaker to something better...not to expensive......i had in mind to replace fron speakers (for now) and later rear ones...or all at the same time.....this is what i had in mind for front PIONEER TS-E176C or TS-A172C,and for rear PIONEER TS-E1796 or TS-A1711........i think they'll fit to civic (looking specifications)......and i'd like your opinion....sugestions.....
maybe i'll take infinity speakaer but pioneer didn't disappoint my so far

Pottsy 26th April 2007 11:50

I have no experience of Pioneer speakers (only the head units, which I found to be poor). The only thing to watch on the specification is the sensitivity, which is lower than the Infinities. When choosing speakers for such a low power amp (in the region of 8 to 12W), a high sensitivity is important.

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