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*************** Trading Rules **************

These rules apply to everyone posting in the For Sale and Wanted forum whether they are the originator of a thread or replying to an existing thread.
They are somewhat detailed, but only because we want to avoid confusion. They are here to help avoid disappointment (from simple wasted time to deliberate fraud), for both the vendors and purchasers. Please read them carefully and abide by the rules every time you post.

The rules are here to protect genuine, honest traders.

You may only post a for sale thread, or reply to a wanted thread, if you are a site supporter. This is for enhanced security for the buyer. Once you make your for sale thread, it is checked by a moderator before it appears on the forum. If it does not comply with these rules, it will be deleted without correspondence and you will have to create a new thread.

By posting in this forum you agree to abide by all of the rules of this forum and not to enter into any arguments with moderators, whose decision is final. Moderators of this forum are empowered to

a) impose an infraction or ban on members found to be breaking any rules of this forum.
b) add negative iTrader comments when infracting or banning.
c) remove any posts in any other forums questioning/arguing any decisions made by moderators here.
d) following fraudulent actions, terminate your account, publish your details in a bad trader's thread and give all details about you to the damaged parties and the police.

Note: anyone deliberately defrauding other traders will be dealt with severely. We encourage defrauded traders to seek assistance from the police and we actively assist the police to secure a conviction.


Posts not in accordance with the rules may be ruthlessly edited or deleted. All selling by private forum members (ie everyone apart from dealers) must be done in this forum section.

These rules apply to posts in the For Sale, Cars for Sale, Civinfo Traders, Wanted and Hobbyist sections.

  1. Prohibited Items
    • This forum is only open for buying and selling legal items, that you own and are yours to sell, or you are buying for yourself, and are ready for posting/collection without delay upon completion of the sale. Items prohibited from sale include (but are not limited to): Pirated material such as copied games, DVDs or any storage media containing same, OEM software (e.g. MS Windows) which is intended to be sold installed on a computer, Stock belonging to a business, Alcohol, Animals and Wildlife Products, Counterfeit Currency and Stamps, Counterfeit Items (this includes copies of any design clearly owned by another entity), Credit Cards, Drugs and Drug paraphernalia, Firearms and Ammunition, Fireworks, Tickets (except "car event" tickets which are allowed on the condition they are sold at no more than face value), Lockpicking Devices, Lottery Tickets, Mailing Lists and Personal Information, Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid, Matrix and Trading Schemes, Offensive Material, Prescription Drugs and Materials, Recalled Items, Shares and Securities, Stolen Items, Surveillance Equipment, Tobacco and Tobacco Products, Travel Vouchers, Unlocking Software.
  2. Descriptions
    • If an item is promotional (for example a CD), include this in the description.
    • You must include a photo of the actual item(s) you are selling/swapping (no brochure photos).
    • Any parts must be removed from the car before photographing and selling.
    • Sellers with multiple items must list them in separate threads.
    • For wheels there must be a photo of each wheel, off the car.
    • For items with clips there should be photos including front and back showing the condition of the clips.
    • Any known damage must be declared, eg: broken clips, peeling paint.
    • Include the condition of the item, and if appropriate the packaging.
  3. You must provide a fixed price when selling. Free items are not allowed, due to time wasting buyers. The price must be a fixed value, and not "offers above", "offers around", ONO, "open to offers" and so on. If you want to trade or swap an item, then that's fine, but you must still provide a price because inevitably someone will offer cash.
  4. The fixed asking price and any subsequent offer prices must clearly detail whether carriage is included or not.
  5. You may not list an item that is available for sale elsewhere or at auction,
    including eBay. This is because anyone trying to buy your item here will have to wait until the auction has ended, and then may not get the item. Likewise while a deal is being negotiated here the item may sell elsewhere. The only exception to this rule is whole cars - which may be advertised here (in the Cars for Sale section) in addition other car sale websites such as Autotrader and Pistonheads (please post in your thread when your car has been sold or traded in). If your items here are not selling and you wish to advertise them elsewhere - simply PM a moderator or preferably 'Report' the first sale post and he will close your thread for you. You may not advertise links to your own auctions held elsewhere. Any ebay links (including your own auctions) may be placed in the "ebay links" forum. This forum section does not allow replies, and is not visible to Google and the outside world.
  6. Please note that the Civinfo FaceBook site is not affiliated to here so is considered 'elsewhere'. Any items spotted or reported elsewhere, to a moderators satisfaction, will be deleted and a temporary ban implemented.
  7. If you wish to modify an earlier offer that has not been acknowledged - either to increase or reduce it - post again.
    You cannot edit posts in this section, to prevent cheating.
  8. The first person to offer the asking price for an item should get the item. Nobody has an automatic right to having a second bid, if you want something make a clear post stating that you offer the asking price. Offers that make no mention of the price (eg "I'll have it", "Mine please", "First D i b s") are not valid. Offers in a thread where multiple items are for sale but the offer doesn't specify which item is wanted are not valid. A buyer may offer the asking price or any other price making the offer dependant on further information being provided, such as exact shipping cost or better pictures. If such an offer is made, and assuming the offer is acceptable, then the seller should confirm this information before accepting any other offers. If the seller offers any items to a certain member at a certain price then said member should get first refusal at that price. This offer should contain the words "counter offer". That member has just 24 hours to respond, after which the original asking price is the default price again. If the seller wants to drop the selling price to all, then he should use the words "price reduced". If the seller does not use either of these key expressions, then it is assumed that it is "price reduced" and anyone may offer legitimately at that price.
  9. Wanted threads
    Only the thread starter on a wanted thread can buy any offers posted on that thread. Otherwise all the rules for For Sale threads apply to wanted threads.
  10. All communications must be on the thread,
    you may not make offers or strike a deal or communicate in any way off the thread via PM/email/phone. The offer and acceptance (or refusal) must be on the thread. You are not permitted to publish your phone number, email address or any other means of communication on the thread. Please see this example of how you should offer and accept in a thread. One exception is for the sale of cars - all conduct is on the thread and then when a buyer wants to view the car then the seller should post "xxx is arranging to view the car" and then the pair can switch to PM/email. After the viewing the seller or buyer can update the the thread with the outcome.
  11. The buyer must pay in full within 24 hours,
    and the seller must despatch with 2 working days of being paid. This may be waived by agreement of both parties in advance, but this is strongly not recommended.
  12. Thread spoiling is not tolerated.
    If you have no intention of making a purchase, stay off the thread. If you are interested in the item for sale, you may link to a website offering a lower price. Posts from users who are clearly not interested in buying, will be deleted. Trying to circumvent this rule by offering a derisory amount may attract an infraction.
  13. The seller is responsible for ensuring the buyer receives their item.
    The seller should consider appropriate tracking and insurance options when sending items, and is responsible for making a claim where an item does go missing.
  14. PayPal Gift and Bank Transfers and similar demands/requests are not allowed. Due to ongoing issues we have decided to effectively ban gift payments and/or bank transfers and similar.
    These payments are not protected and most other car forums already ban them.
    Therefore any for sale post that asks for a gift payment will not be approved.
    Also, if we are sent proof ('Report' of a PM demanding a gift payment or similar after the deal is struck) then we will ban the seller from trading.
    Paypal no longer has a 'buyer pays fees' option so that statement is no longer allowed. Paypal require the seller to incorporate the fees into the asking price. PayPal User Agreement
  15. No items for sale to be sold in the form of a raffle.
  16. No commercial traders in the For Sale section.
    A trader is classed as anybody who intentionally buys one or more items to sell on at a profit, and anybody who lists three or more of the same item in the same thread, or in subsequent threads. Commercial traders who are companies may advertise in the General Commercial Posts section (see rule 14). Individuals who want to sell multiple items can do so only in the Civinfo Traders section (see rule 13).
  17. WITHDRAWING. Once a sale has been agreed on the forums you may not withdraw from it without a very good reason. You will need to PM a moderator with an explanation. Even if you have a good reason, the moderators reserve the right to impose a trading ban.
  18. Civinfo Traders and Hobbyist sections. This is exactly the same as the For Sale section, except it is for individuals to sell multiple items. Only supporters may post threads, and offers to buy the item must still be made on the thread. From that point, the seller may PM the buyer to arrange payment and delivery.
  19. General Commercial Posts section. This is for Commercial Traders (ie a proper company, not an individual) to advertise their wares, and only items that are of direct interest to Honda owners may be advertised (items like performance upgrades or Civic-specific parts - if in doubt contact an admin or mod). Commercial traders must only advertise in this section, and they may not, under any circumstances, advertise in existing threads outside that section, post in competitors threads nor send unsolicited PMs. It is suggested and recommended that Traders direct members to their website in order to conclude their business there. Members may discuss the products and services advertised in these threads, and threads in this section are not subject to the trading rules.

  • All trading is done at your own risk. Civinfo, and it's administrator or moderators, will take no responsibility for any deals which take place on the Forum.
  • Civinfo, or it's administrator or moderators, does not endorse nor profit, in whole or in part, from any product or service offered or promoted by any of the items that appear herein.
  • The web site administrators and moderators has not evaluated the suitability of the information provided via these "For Sale" items, and inclusion of an item does not constitute the endorsement of any item presented on this page. The information presented is provided by the web site administrator "as is" and without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including (but not limited to) any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, or non-infringement. While the information provided is believed to be accurate as presented, it may include errors or inaccuracies.
  • Buyer is responsible to evaluate item(s) and negotiate purchase agreement with the seller.
  • Civinfo, and it's administrators or moderators, will not be a part of said negotiations nor in any purchase arrangements between buyer and seller.
  • If there are any problems, Civinfo's administrators or moderators may at their own discretion attempt to offer assistance to resolve a problem.
  • Do not continue with a transaction until both parties have swapped real names, phone numbers and addresses.
  • As with any internet transactions, you can yourself reduce the risk of trading, by for example, picking up the item yourself and paying cash in person, asking for detailed photographs to be published in the thread and observing our recommendations of international shipments and Paypal gifts.
  • All For Sale and Wanted threads will be reviewed after three months. If there are no replies or updates from the seller within that time it will be assumed the thread has received no interest and it will be archived. If the item is still wanted or on offer please PM a moderator and the thread will be re-opened.

Last edited by Dimplyred; 24th December 2016 at 11:06. Reason: Inclusion of "mutiple items must be listed separately"
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