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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Cruise Speedo fluctuating crazily
  2. Parking Reversing camera using a smartphone
  3. Electrics Problem with offside mirror folding in
  4. Phone Samsung Galaxy S3 Compatibility
  5. Other Dashboard Lighting
  6. Satnav Sat Nav Wiring loom?
  7. Phone XCarlink and integrated power supply
  8. Warnings Tyre Warning light
  9. Phone Genuine Honda HFT Bluetooth Kit
  10. Satnav SatNav not Acquiring GPS Signal
  11. Warnings Check System light and DTC concern.
  12. Electrics CD-player won't work
  13. Electrics Window closures
  14. Phone Little Help with Phone Charger
  15. Speedo Digital Speedo gone weird
  16. Electrics Which Code Reader??????
  17. Phone Tapping of cigarette power
  18. Satnav Wheres the merged Sat-Nav thread gone?
  19. Satnav Upgrading to "Integrated Sav Nat"
  20. Satnav Dot's on map
  21. Electrics HFT Buttons
  22. Other ebay car tracker
  23. Battery key fob battery
  24. Satnav New Sat Nav Disc?
  25. Electrics VSA, Airbag. Check System light
  26. Electrics hft problem,any help
  27. AC/Heater A/C Blows Hot Air
  28. Alarm Add internal ultrasonic sensor?
  29. Electrics Passenger side window won't open?!
  30. Electrics All characters visible on radio screen (Solved - Post #28)
  31. Battery Flat Battery issues, worried !!
  32. Electrics Automatic Lights
  33. Electrics 9th Gen Camera on a 8th Gen?
  34. Electrics Internal fuse box problem
  35. Video What camera did you install? Pictures?
  36. Satnav T spec sat nav update
  37. Phone sot amplified or not
  38. Parking Anyone got a Yada fitted??
  39. Electrics HFt stopped working
  40. Battery 2.2 Diesel EX Battery Recommendations and Earthing Kit?
  41. Other Torque OBD2 - throttle Dial
  42. Electrics A/C fault with engine management light?
  43. Battery Siren sounds off when reconnecting battery
  44. Satnav Disc Compatability
  45. Alarm help please guys asap
  46. Other Galletto 1260
  47. Other cd player face removal
  48. Electrics Sensor to the tray under the steering wheel
  49. Electrics 12V/1A outlet in glovebox?
  50. Other Boot Light
  51. Dice Mediabridge
  52. Electrics Dash lights going off
  53. Other R18a2 Vtec Controller?
  54. Battery Battery
  55. Where to put gps antena?
  56. Electrics Day light / Aut. Light - not on (Danish car)
  57. Electrics CD Player skips when music is to loud?
  58. Electrics annoying alarm
  59. Battery New battery problem.
  60. Electrics brake light replacement
  61. Electrics Help connecting wire to battery?
  62. Phone parrot mki9200 fitting
  63. Satnav honda satnav addition
  64. Electrics D1 grounding kit install help 1.8 FK2
  65. Parking Install parking sensor dashboard switch
  66. Electrics Spare bulbs/Headlights
  67. Electrics Electrical help!!!!!!!
  68. Cruise Worn CC button
  69. Voice recog add HFT buttons on steering wheel
  70. Other hazards/stereo
  71. Electrics Calling all dash experts. Extra cable?
  72. Satnav fitting ssd unit
  73. Satnav Aux connection
  74. Warnings Multi Function Display faulty
  75. Electrics Wiring Diagram
  76. Electrics Sat Nav or no Sat Nav
  77. Alarm Alarm sounding for no reason
  78. Satnav Replacing Factory Head Unit?
  79. Electrics What dual screen dvd player for in the rear?
  80. Electrics Earthing kit on a ctdi
  81. Satnav New Civic - CD player buggered
  82. Satnav Honda Sat Nav Unit Cost- Optional Extras
  83. Safety Cameras Speed camera detector
  84. Cruise cruise control
  85. Satnav is there a easy way?
  86. Satnav screen boots to a dia screen everytime i start
  87. AC/Heater AC Pressure
  88. Parking Updated - Rear View Camera
  89. AC/Heater Which relay?
  90. Other Side Mirriors Problem
  91. AC/Heater Aircon Pump goosed!!!!
  92. Electrics What is this?
  93. Electrics Impulse conversion kit + this unit.
  94. Other Speed Alarm
  95. AC/Heater Help! Climate control stopped working
  96. Phone HTC Desire S with HFT
  97. Electrics SGS2 as an mp3 player in FK2? How to?
  98. Parking Rear-view camera
  99. Battery New battery?
  100. Electrics Bluetooth & sat nav upgrade
  101. Warnings EPS Control Unit Location
  102. Computer Civic 2012 - Overview about maintenance icons?
  103. Electrics Help needed please
  104. Electrics Faulty electrics screen/radio/CDC affected
  105. Video Bog V3 Control Box Switch Problem
  106. Satnav Info. regarding Sat Nav
  107. Other Earthing kit points
  108. Electrics Speakers not working ??
  109. Electrics cig lighter 12v wire colour??
  110. Phone Bluetooth Pairing
  111. Phone Civic HFT with Nokia C2-01
  112. Electrics obd bluetooth adapter not working
  113. Video Bog's Control box and Bozo Camera
  114. Electrics What is this plug for?
  115. Battery Another dead bat
  116. Video Video in?
  117. Phone Still cant get my htc wild fire s to connect!
  118. Alarm Alarm system
  119. Add-on nav Curious
  120. Satnav sat nav newest version??
  121. Electrics Noisy wipers
  122. Phone Any android developers/programmers on here
  123. Satnav Sat Nav Speed Cam Alerts
  124. Phone Compatibility Nightmare
  125. Electrics Fitting parking sensor, which brown wire?
  126. Electrics Boot opens when engine started! HELP?
  127. Electrics MICU in Sleep Mode
  128. Satnav Make audio default view on SatNav
  129. Alarm Alarm Fault ?
  130. Other Can used keys be reprogrammed for another car?
  131. Parking install of dash compatible honda parking sensors on 09?
  132. Parking who's is the car.
  133. Alarm Help asap !!!!!!!!!!!
  134. Phone bluetooth not working
  135. Battery Minimum voltage to start the Civ
  136. Warnings Dash Board Warning Lights
  137. Battery Front interior led bulbs dried battery?
  138. Battery Battery disconnection
  139. Electrics Reverse camera & digital TV tuner
  140. Electrics Alternator Output
  141. Battery Mutimeter settings battery test
  142. Battery Car Buggered
  143. Electrics Steering Lock Faulty
  144. Electrics Driver info display colour change?
  145. Parking Parking sensors going loopy
  146. Battery Which Car Battery do u recommend??
  147. Satnav GPS antenna location
  148. Alarm Battery for remote
  149. Battery Another flat battery :( could dension be to blame?
  150. Electrics DIY - HKS Circle Grounding Kit installation
  151. Electrics Windows to operate via remote.
  152. Alarm new alarm system
  153. Satnav Using built in sat nav screen for something else?..
  154. Other Power fold mirrors standard on which model?
  155. Phone Some issues about the SGS2 and HFT. Could anybody help, please?
  156. Battery Recommened battery?
  157. Voice recog Replace Microphone?
  158. Satnav Sat nav read issues
  159. Satnav Reviews on Alpine INE-S900R
  160. Parking Reverse Camera 2006 EX
  161. Other Fitting xcarlink ipod
  162. Computer Help with my Galletto 1260
  163. Battery 2nd battery questions
  164. Speedo Speedo fail. Keeps switching off. Turns on when engaging turning lights.
  165. Other Folding wing mirrors not folding fully????
  166. Alarm Upgraded Alarm
  167. Alarm LED Question
  168. Electrics Fuses
  169. Satnav Honda sat nav DVD
  170. Satnav Auto switch from Night to Day not happening. Need help !!!
  171. Other head unit
  172. Electrics Ambient temperature Sensor
  173. Other Cheap way to improve GPS signal in car.
  174. Electrics Door lock switch not working
  175. Electrics ECU Software
  176. AC/Heater Heating/AC
  177. Other Galleto 1260
  178. Computer bluetooth obd scan tool
  179. Parking Fitting parking sensors - tips?
  180. Satnav Sat Nav honda fitting kit
  181. Electrics Immobiliser
  182. Warnings Key Warning!
  183. Warnings help , plug missing
  184. Parking Parking sensors not working
  185. Electrics Driver's door electric window problem
  186. Satnav What no instructions !!!!!! ????
  187. Computer Another option for guages
  188. Electrics Liters pr 100 km to km pr liter
  189. Phone Does my FN2 CTR have hft mics fitted?
  190. Safety Cameras BlackVue350 incar camera
  191. Mounts Wireless 7" GPS Sat Nav Screen
  192. Other Window squeaks
  193. Battery Bugger I thought..........
  194. Other cigarette lighter not working
  195. Electrics Manual lock-problem
  196. Electrics Light on alarm
  197. Battery Battery voltage
  198. Alarm Alarm keeps going off
  199. Other Cigarette Lighter - Blanking plate???
  200. Safety Cameras HKS DMR sound
  201. Other Complete flip key modernisation project
  202. Electrics Left side mirror not working
  203. Electrics Central locking blinker flash
  204. Other central Locking Problems
  205. Electrics What does the rev mean on the dashboard (noob question)
  206. Phone HTC Desire contacts to Honda HFT via bluetooth
  207. Speedo Rev Indicator Lights
  208. Phone HFT Feedback/Interference whilst making calls????
  209. Electrics Central locking/ windows
  210. Phone Bluetooth (HFT) Locked
  211. Battery Ahhhhh not starting and dash is lighting like a Christmas tree...
  212. Parking What shall I do about Parking sensors?
  213. Electrics Engine light - again / OBD codes
  214. Phone mki9200 wallpaper
  215. AC/Heater air conditioning vibrates
  216. Electrics Reverse cam buying and autowipers issue
  217. Battery Great start to the holiday :(
  218. Electrics Should I be worried??? Battery dead, radio/dash not working
  219. Warnings obd II software or a scan tool
  220. Electrics damaged loom
  221. Phone Mki9200 - Halfords
  222. Electrics Reccomendations wanted for Car Electrician NW Kent
  223. Other Placement for amplifier ?
  224. Horn Horns
  225. Horn Disco lights and loud siren
  226. Electrics FN2 Alternator
  227. Electrics Window button
  228. Phone Bluetooth standard on all EX models?
  229. Battery Flat battery - urgent
  230. Warnings Check System (engine light)
  231. Phone Honda Civic 2006 HFT not picking up my voice at all
  232. Satnav Sat Nav disc read error in the cold? Anyone else?
  233. Satnav where to put a sat nav
  234. Electrics Help needed
  235. Electrics Engine Management Symbol on dash
  236. Parking reversing cameras
  237. Satnav GPS or other electronics mods?
  238. Alarm aftermarket alarm
  239. Electrics what are these wires? any good for usb power?
  240. Computer Is it common for the Average MPH calculator to break?
  241. Add-on nav Worth the money?
  242. Electrics rear heated window problem?
  243. AC/Heater Climate Contol Start Setting
  244. Computer easy way to check boost pressure?
  245. Other rear window heater
  246. Battery Pricing of Bosch batteries with 3/5 yr guarantees
  247. Battery New battery
  248. VSA VSA button
  249. Satnav crv sat nav
  250. Satnav Issues with headunit and SatNav