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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. AC/Heater Long till it blows heate
  2. Electrics Central locking issue - stuck microswitch info please
  3. Electrics Passenger window control on the drivers side.
  4. Battery What type of battery
  5. Other Wiper motor location
  6. Electrics Rear Screen Heater
  7. Battery Flat battery!
  8. Electrics Fitting Pioneer AVIC F930BT
  9. Electrics Driver's window not working properly
  10. Battery Removing battery
  11. Add-on nav Double DIN with Sat Nav
  12. Battery Car won't start
  13. Phone Bluetooth phone priority
  14. Satnav Little Clusters of Dots on Satnav Map
  15. Electrics 12v Socket Wiring
  16. Electrics blue alarm light
  17. Battery Forgot to lock up FK2 -> Battery almost flat?
  18. Parking Reverse beep driving me mad
  19. Satnav Satnav screen auto-on
  20. Computer OBDII connection help!!!!!!!
  21. how do you change fuse for cigarette lighter?
  22. Electrics Diagram Manual
  23. AC/Heater Heater blowing but no wind
  24. Other Rev indicator problems
  25. Satnav Europe Voice Recognition MY2012 : v3.60
  26. Other Rev Lights
  27. Phone iPhone 4 and making calls with the HFT
  28. Add-on nav Double DIN - Patch Lead
  29. Battery Anyone tried a solar power trickle charger?
  30. Electrics HELP! Not working-Central locking,radio,satnav & a/c screen
  31. Other Type R seats airbag
  32. Alarm Locking a car without engaging alarm?
  33. Electrics Help, folding mirror broken
  34. Battery cant get inside key fob
  35. Electrics Revisiting the parking camera again
  36. Phone Those of you with aftermarket Bluetooth....
  37. Electrics Electric fold-away door mirrors
  38. Electrics "VTEC wire" for 8th Gen?
  39. Electrics Start Button Bulb
  40. Alarm 2006 2.2 ES driving me nuts
  41. Parking Halfords
  42. Safety Cameras Should an 07 EX GT have rear sensors?
  43. Satnav Satnav not working!!!
  44. Parking 200 for a (one) parking sensor!
  45. Warnings Is this normal on when pressing the start button?.
  46. Speedo Digital display looses number clarity occasionally
  47. Electrics glove box light
  48. Parking frame for honda civic es
  49. Other Boost gauge for the ICTDI?
  50. Computer obd2 elm327 connection
  51. Electrics Footwell Lighting - Dimming - Locat/Access Plug
  52. Parking parking sensors
  53. Add-on nav Can I add a navigation system?
  54. Phone Iphone / ipod connector
  55. Satnav TMC stopped working.
  56. Other Parrot MKI9200 2.0 FW Update
  57. Electrics cigarette lighter socket issue.
  58. Satnav Camera fitting and manual switch
  59. Electrics Boot lid? Central locking?
  60. Other CD Player Problem
  61. Other VI Performance OBDII Logic Race Tuning Box Honda Civic CDTi 2003 onward Diesel
  62. Electrics Red internal instrument panel lights
  63. Electrics Central locking - driver door unlocks when it fancies.
  64. Electrics New car battery! Do i need radio code?
  65. Battery Earthing/Grounding kit
  66. AC/Heater Heated seats!
  67. Other Help required please!
  68. Phone HFT Pairing Issue
  69. Parking sensors or camera
  70. Battery Main Fuse Battery..
  71. Electrics money in my cd player help
  72. Other AC, temp and wing mirror not working
  73. Phone Blue Freedom Bluetooth HFT Manual
  74. Phone Unsure about phone for FK2 (Facelift 09)
  75. Battery Jump Starting another vehicle
  76. Phone Phone Logo on Sat Nav screen..?
  77. Satnav Serial Number ?
  78. Electrics Engine start button
  79. Other fitting a double din head unit
  80. Cruise Cruise Control Civic Si???
  81. Satnav Sat Nav not changing color at night?
  82. Satnav clock cant be altered (ti500)
  83. Phone Bluetooth/Phone
  84. Electrics Testing/removing aerial/atena
  85. Electrics Gauge Ctrl Module & Flashing Green Key light
  86. Alarm New Alarm Install
  87. Speedo If your speedo goes off . . . . .
  88. Satnav Show off your retrofit sat navs!
  89. Electrics Car not starting (strange)
  90. Phone HFT for iphone
  91. Alarm alarm doesnt disable immobilisor?
  92. Electrics Fading Clock/Radio Display
  93. Battery new battery - upgrade??
  94. Satnav sat nav question..
  95. Computer Multi function display: fault or bad manual?
  96. Other This may sound really, really stupid... Buuut
  97. Other Setting the clock
  98. Battery keyfob
  99. Electrics Need Pic of stock 1.8 internal Fuse box
  100. Battery Upgrading battery...
  101. Electrics Manual to Powered Mirrors
  102. Other parking sensor
  103. Phone HFT only works Passenger side
  104. Electrics Hardwire USB (5v output) into the 12v lighter socket
  105. Electrics Outside Temp Sensor
  106. Electrics Car not starting-sidelights reseated.
  107. Parking Parking sensors?
  108. Other Software versions
  109. Warnings 50mph warning
  110. Add-on nav Pioneer in-dash Multimedia system
  111. Satnav Sat nav disc problems
  112. Satnav Garmin Vehicles
  113. Satnav Navigation System Manual in PDF - Download Here :)
  114. Alarm Alarm 2005 civic
  115. Phone Caller ID?
  116. Satnav sat nav not working
  117. Satnav Sat Nav Voice query
  118. Electrics How do I recode key?
  119. Battery How to replace battery - help please
  120. Phone iPhone and HFT
  121. Electrics Real keyless entry with remote start
  122. Electrics Need help electric problem
  123. Alarm Funny thing...
  124. Alarm Alarm sound?
  125. Alarm Alarm question
  126. Phone where do you put your parrot wireless remote?
  127. Electrics Help please!!!
  128. Automation Wing Mirrors
  129. AC/Heater What a fog up
  130. Warnings Max. ECT value in FlashPro?
  131. Battery Jump start - How about this way?
  132. Electrics My bluetooth handsfree install in 1 second
  133. Parking Parking Sensors Again...CISBO OR DOLPHIN
  134. Transmission Who's the man who does the flip key elictrics
  135. Satnav Import Satnav destinations?
  136. Electrics Battery going down or?
  137. Electrics HFT fault.
  138. Electrics fuse location
  139. Phone Transfer android phonebook to car
  140. Electrics How do I make my CTR GT self lock?
  141. Parking Parking sensors
  142. Electrics Key problem
  143. Electrics Retro fitment of heated seats
  144. Permanent Live Wire
  145. Electrics Wiper Motor Relay to Prevent ECU Failure
  146. Video HKS DMR System
  147. Electrics Micu
  148. Warnings Warning light on starting up?
  149. Electrics Alarm Lighting
  150. Satnav EX Model Voice Driver Warnings?
  151. Electrics Earthing Kits?
  152. Computer So what does the i Button actually do?
  153. Other Folding Mirrors Wiring
  154. VSA vsa on or off?
  155. Satnav Urgent: Require Old V 3.01 Navigation Disc
  156. Battery Honda say its normal for battery to go flat if driven once a week
  157. Warnings Fault code P2004 Help and buzzing noise
  158. AC/Heater A/C not working and engine warning light on
  159. Satnav I-VTEC vs Type R
  160. Electrics Interior Switches next to Cig Lighter
  161. Satnav Sat Nav + HFT Question
  162. Alarm need help
  163. need an answer
  164. Satnav Sat Nav DVD, Keep it in at all times or take it out?
  165. Phone Which phone works best with HTF
  166. Other Seat Airbags
  167. Alarm Factory standard aleam?
  168. Parking EX OEM Reverse sensor gone quiet
  169. Electrics Auto Closing Windows.
  170. Electrics Location of ETCS Relay
  171. Alarm Has my alarm been disabled
  172. Computer reset working time on board computer
  173. Electrics Central Locking Problem
  174. Electrics Fluctuating speed indication.
  175. Parking Which Reverse Parking Sensors do you use?
  176. Battery help please
  177. Electrics Folding mirrors not working
  178. Electrics 2007 ctdi ex Headlight failure
  179. Electrics Fuse Box Underneath Dash
  180. Phone Hands free phone kit help, please !
  181. Alarm Lights flash as I walk past?
  182. Battery Battery info. Please help
  183. VSA Vsa lights??
  184. Other It is Possible??
  185. Other Tracker?
  186. AC/Heater AC problem
  187. Electrics Reversing + ipod
  188. Electrics folding wing mirror wnt fold????
  189. Electrics Help - its not starting and doing strange things...
  190. Electrics Upgrade Time ! ...
  191. Electrics Mod: lights turn on when wipers are active
  192. Satnav TomTom built in like Renaults ;)
  193. Alarm 2006 Alarm Siren (Dismantled)
  194. Other 1.8 engine pics
  195. Phone Bluetooth Module
  196. Other Crazy Wipers
  197. Add-on nav Sat nav
  198. Electrics Engine light on
  199. Safety Cameras Reversing Camera Fitting In/Near Cumbria
  200. Parking where do parking sensors plug into the dash?
  201. Satnav Sat Nav Issue... H.E.L.P !! :(
  202. Phone Compatible Phones
  203. Warnings What does this Symbol mean?
  204. Electrics Car Charger for HTC Desire
  205. Electrics Abs light
  206. Other Cigarette Lighter - Im sure its simple..
  207. Electrics drivers window stuck down & mirrors stuck folded!
  208. Alarm Alarm #uck up the final straw
  209. Other updating radio firmware - same process as sat nav?
  210. Other 2.2 cdti Engine operating temp is below middle on dash gauge
  211. Alarm Perimeter Alarm?
  212. Other CD Player faulty ...
  213. Alarm Homelink, KeeLoq, garage doors, alarms and others
  214. Cruise Using cruise control....................
  215. Parking Rear parking sensor mod. EPS-DUAL 2.0
  216. Other hft part of satnv?
  217. Battery drained battery
  218. Satnav SatNav "Home"
  219. Electrics AFR gauge power supply
  220. Electrics traction light when turning
  221. Add-on nav Review of Tomtom 750, Tomtom 1005 and Garmin 2390
  222. Alarm Automatic wing mirrors to fold upon locking?
  223. Electrics 12V on reverse in dash / front - where?
  224. Electrics Lights dimming
  225. Alarm Alarm won't stop - 2006 ES
  226. Electrics car dvd gps player
  227. Satnav Reversing camera and DVD player installation
  228. Battery Solar charger
  229. Battery Anyone recommend a booster pack for starting the car?
  230. Parking Original rear cam
  231. Other Replacing Wing Mirrors
  232. Phone Can't dial from handset - only using voice activation
  233. Phone does anyone here use a parrot kit with an android phone?
  234. Other Can't access audio menu
  235. Electrics Parrot mki9000
  236. Electrics Wing mirrors
  237. Satnav DVD player????
  238. Other FM radio keeps cutting out...?
  239. Satnav How Do I open the Sat Nav DVD tray?
  240. Phone Factor hands free seems rubbish? - switch to parrot?
  241. Electrics changing my 2002 Civic MICU
  242. Satnav Sat/nav will not turn off!!!!!!
  243. Phone This has probley been asked before!!!!!!!!
  244. Phone Honda Bluetooth system
  245. Satnav Sat/nav DVD player
  246. Speedo rev lights
  247. Electrics Civic 2002 MICU location image
  248. Other Bluetooth not connecting
  249. Satnav Questions re HFT
  250. Satnav hard wiring in a sat nav