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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Phone has anyone used Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) with the HFT?
  2. Voice recog very simple sat nav/voice questions from a newbie
  3. Satnav sat nav intermittent problem
  4. Video what is back of dvd navigation unit inside the dashboard civic 2006?
  5. Alarm What sort of alarm is fitted to my car ??
  6. Electrics Compass interference
  7. Parking Parking Sensor Volume
  8. Battery Don't keep jump leads in boot
  9. Other Flip key ?
  10. Phone hft help pleeeeease
  11. Satnav NAV DVD lense
  12. Other Well I never knew it did that !
  13. Electrics Cooling fan direct switch
  14. Electrics Folding door mirrors fixed
  15. Satnav Cheap sat nav discs
  16. Other Rear Door Locking - Assitance Req
  17. Other rain sensors / auto lights / sat-nav ?
  18. Satnav wot colour have you got set
  19. Parking EX Parking sensor question
  20. Parking cisbo sensor - do I need spacers ?
  21. Electrics AWOL Wipers
  22. Warnings Mulitple and various Check System warnings
  23. Parking Parking Sensor on EX
  24. Parking problem with parking sensors?
  25. Electrics Clasp Key for Civic 8 gen. ?
  26. Other What goes in these blanks?
  27. Satnav satnav screen to fn2 type r
  28. Electrics Odyssey PC680 Drycell Racing Battery
  29. Electrics Help!! No lights....
  30. Electrics Auto wipers, are they intelligent?
  31. Electrics Monster 3rd brake light *does not include lasers*
  32. Parking Reverse Parking Sensors? For my Type S
  33. Other No Sound
  34. Cruise Cruise Control
  35. Alarm Should i fit a clifford alarm to my car
  36. Electrics Connecting USB/Ipod
  37. Other HFT Upgrade
  38. Electrics Wingmirror unfolds on own when left parked
  39. Electrics windscreen washers
  40. Alarm If you want to fit an after market alarm to your civic this is it..
  41. AC/Heater Date and time air con display information
  42. Electrics Folding wing mirrors not working
  43. Alarm advice fitting 3'rd party motion sensors
  44. Horn Six tone car alarm, instead of standard factory horn.
  45. Electrics Audio System on 07 2.2 EX Pretty Gone...
  46. Electrics cigarette lighter fuse
  47. Alarm Alarm trouble
  48. Computer recalibrate the trip computer?
  49. Electrics Connecting LEDs directly to battery?
  50. AC/Heater Air conditioning relay missing!
  51. Parking Reversing cam finally fitted!
  52. Satnav Sat Nav Disc 3.41
  53. Warnings Disabling the "Boot open" message
  54. Other Auto-dimming rear view mirrors?
  55. Satnav Backup copy of My SatNav Disc
  56. Other Switch bulbs??
  57. Other CD Player Faulty
  58. Other I want a spare key please help lol
  59. Electrics fuel gauge
  60. Satnav Have I got the latest satnav DVD??
  61. Satnav TV Output
  62. Warnings Help Needed ASAP please, warning lights, car wont start etc
  63. Safety Cameras help!! reversing camers video wire
  64. Alarm Alarm query
  65. Electrics Any one had this with their windows???
  66. Electrics Parrot help...
  67. Satnav SatNav speed camra
  68. Phone HFT stopped pairing
  69. Electrics Reverse camera type?
  70. Electrics Alarm and Microphone problem
  71. Alarm 2007 alam making random noises?!?
  72. Phone a bodged nokia install by previous owner...
  73. Horn Replacing Honda Civic Horn with A STEBEL AIR HORN
  74. Parking Rear view camera, screen flicker
  75. Speedo malfunctioning speedometer
  76. Alarm Quick Question re CtR alarm !!
  77. Other Key Remote Pregramming?
  78. Satnav sat nav DVD
  79. Battery Lightest FN2 Battery
  80. Battery Battery for FN2
  81. Electrics rain sensor
  82. Phone bluetooth wheel controls on Civic 1.4 my 2011
  83. Other Mirror problems
  84. Phone Potential Parrot Positioning
  85. Phone parrot wiring?
  86. Parking BMW Style Parking Sensors and Display
  87. Alarm Fried Immobiliser?
  88. Phone HFT Wierdities
  89. Satnav sat nav disk
  90. Phone Android Phones and the HFT
  91. Other Parrot FW for MKI9200 Update 1.83
  92. Electrics which fuse if the fag lighter
  93. Satnav Removing the satnav unit
  94. Electrics usb port in seat heater rocker switch?
  95. Mounts HTC Desire GPS mount
  96. Automation Iphone and Civic
  97. Warnings Service Interval
  98. Phone Bluetooth and Blackberry 8900
  99. Electrics Key fob has ceased to lock the vehicle
  100. Other Does the civic have total closure???
  101. Phone Parrot MKI9200 Niggles, Bugs
  102. Other Power Folding Mirrors
  103. Phone HFT pairing problem. 2 beeps.
  104. Other Ask a silly question....
  105. VSA Vsa
  106. AC/Heater Strange faults linked to temp sensor
  107. Electrics Ignition wire.. where?
  108. Satnav Solid State Drive and HFT
  109. Other Where to poke batery cable through!?
  110. Electrics Honda Footwell Lighting kit... failed LED?
  111. Other What is the sensor in the centre of the dash?
  112. Electrics adding a switch to a circuit
  113. Phone parrot wiring
  114. Safety Cameras Hiding speed camera thingy???
  115. Electrics Installing Sat Nav unit (Retro)
  116. Other Alternator
  117. Phone Installing a MKI9200 any tricky bits?
  118. Add-on nav Sat Nav screen on Ebay
  119. Phone Best place to mount Mki9200 Screen?
  120. Battery Which battery to fit in FK2, please?
  121. VSA CW Revised VSA?
  122. Warnings VSA module or glow plug emissions system?? ....
  123. Battery Battery Life very short
  124. Warnings How To: Stop the "key in ignition" beeper!
  125. Warnings How to: disable the frost alert alarm
  126. Parking Reversing camera-NON sat nav lcd positioning?
  127. Add-on nav Honda Sat Nav
  128. Electrics Strange happenings on 2.2 CDTI
  129. Electrics Need help with amp and subwoofer
  130. Electrics USB Car socket - fitted - with pic
  131. Phone Will fitting a Mki9200 to the Civic void its warranty?
  132. Phone Best Built in hands free?
  133. Battery My new Bosch super-duper battery lasted a week
  134. Voice recog Honda Navigation System SSD and HDD question
  135. Add-on nav Pioneer satnav aerial
  136. Phone iso cable?
  137. Other Garage door opener install
  138. Electrics Radio cuts out randomly
  139. Warnings I reMoved the sensor at the airbox HELP
  140. Satnav Honda dash top mounted Sat Nav, Which model?
  141. Parking rear camera
  142. Other Radio display
  143. Parking Rear view camera installed but...
  144. Electrics Fault with Stereo...?
  145. Computer PGM-FI code enquiry
  146. Phone Best price for Parrot Mki9200
  147. Satnav Upgrading to 2009 Nav/Head Unit?
  148. Warnings A civic question about a beep!
  149. Electrics Outside temp sensor replacement
  150. Speedo VSS Wire on Audio unit A13 for KPH/MPH conversion
  151. Parking Dolphin Parking sensors
  152. Parking Parking Sensors and Colour Issues
  153. Electrics Remove radio and satnav help
  154. Phone Parrot unika fitting
  155. Battery Radio codes after removing battery
  156. Electrics Electric wing mirror, folds up slower on the driver side
  157. Voice recog Satnav / Hands free question
  158. Electrics maintenance of battery
  159. Satnav Built in satnav locates me always in gutter
  160. Electrics cigarette lighter
  161. Phone Parrot Mki9200
  162. Satnav While on the topic of camera's..................
  163. Satnav Satnav read errors? Read this
  164. Parking Does the PDC need the Radio / Does the PDC have separate speakers?
  165. Other Window Wipers ?
  166. Phone iphone 4
  167. Cruise AnyBody had any luck retrofitting cruise control
  168. Satnav First Test - First Fail
  169. Electrics Window washers
  170. Electrics power inverter
  171. Satnav is it possible to fit double din in 2010 S type
  172. Other auto wipers
  173. Other Nokia 5230
  174. Electrics EPS problem?
  175. Parking colour coded parking sensors
  176. Warnings Yellow engine warning symbol with flashing glowplug symbol
  177. Other 2007 civic si windshield wiper problems
  178. Video sat nav dvd player
  179. Electrics Tailgate light fuse?
  180. Electrics Calling all Type R Owners
  181. Video My AV Install (Video In on Sat Nav Screen)
  182. Electrics Ipod Connector Update?
  183. Electrics Earthing kit problem
  184. Parking Need help with the rear view mirror
  185. Parking Wrong Camera
  186. Add-on nav Recomended GPS
  187. Phone How many phones can be linked to factory phone?
  188. Safety Cameras Novus GPS Update Problem
  189. Satnav Disc Error, solution suggestions please
  190. Other Electric wing mirror problem
  191. Electrics Urgent help required! Drivers door won't unlock.
  192. Alarm alarm bleep when arming?
  193. Voice recog HONDA CIVIC 2006 cdti 2.2
  194. Satnav Confirmation on latest version
  195. Speedo Speedo seams to blink...?
  196. Warnings Outside Temperature Gauge
  197. Problem with alarm and battery
  198. Satnav SSD Satnav updates?
  199. Phone Honda HFT retrofit
  200. Phone HFT don't work at all
  201. Phone Parrot Mki9200 fitting quotes..
  202. Electrics Boot lid will not open (problem solved)
  203. Battery Dead battery
  204. Parking will this be ok for my civic
  205. AC/Heater Heating System Type S
  206. Satnav BASS & Treble adjustment.
  207. Other Auto wipers too sensitive
  208. Electrics Freezing Weather damaging the Sat Nav/Radio and Screen
  209. Electrics VSA warning ?
  210. AC/Heater Thermostat problems....?
  211. Satnav Quick sat nav question
  212. Phone Having problems with HFT? Is your phone compatible?
  213. Electrics Fitting Blue Ambient LEDs tommorrow, With a Twist
  214. Satnav Sat Nav disclaimer screen
  215. Electrics engine start problem!
  216. Phone HTC Desire contacts to Honda HFT via bluetooth
  217. Other Belkin F8Z176eaB TuneBase FM ipod player
  218. Electrics HELP! Accelerator connector plug?!
  219. Other Air bag sensor faulty
  220. Electrics Wiper fault
  221. Computer Opinions and possibilities about an android 7"tab as a car pc
  222. Alarm Stock Alarm going off randomly at night
  223. Phone Iphone hft
  224. Alarm HELP PLEASE. Cant turn my alarm off.
  225. Computer Engine Management Light on with P0401 code after Kwik Fit service!!
  226. Electrics Fuse box
  227. Electrics Plug / sensor on dash at front centre??
  228. Electrics Heated Rear Screen and Mirrors
  229. Satnav A/V IN in new satnav SD
  230. Phone Desire HD and HFT Probs
  231. Satnav In dash GPS
  232. Battery Immobiliser light flashing
  233. Electrics Heated Mirror problem
  234. Battery Anyone had issues on 56 plate 1.8 EX with their battery?
  235. AC/Heater Dual Zone Climate Broke!
  236. Alarm New Key But Alarm Problems
  237. Electrics Frequent Battery warning help pls
  238. Battery New Battery today!
  239. Electrics Wiper motor question
  240. Electrics Any Advice?
  241. Warnings Chimes on putting key in ignition
  242. Warnings Car thinks door is open when it is closed
  243. Electrics Window lock button light?
  244. Computer Outside Temperature Gauge Lies
  245. Electrics glow plugs
  246. Electrics Push and no start.
  247. Speedo Rev Gauge-Speedo SE change to Type R
  248. Electrics Footwell Lights
  249. Electrics Earthing Kit
  250. Satnav Bah Humbug !