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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Add-on nav Custom Icon of a Civic for a Nuvi?
  2. Satnav Want to add sat nav to my Type R
  3. Electrics where did my dash display go
  4. Satnav SatNAv - DVD???
  5. Other Dvd
  6. Phone Parrot MKi9000 Hands free kit
  7. Electrics Oil Warning Check System
  8. Satnav SatNav SSD Updates
  9. Satnav Ipod
  10. Satnav read camera system
  11. Speedo Speedo Display Fault
  12. Other I hear clicks, it's normal?
  13. Mounts Two Way Radio Installation
  14. Satnav Sat Nav Installation
  15. Phone Wow! Loving the HFT!
  16. Alarm Quick alarm question.
  17. VSA Please Explain VSA!!
  18. Satnav Quote from Honda for new sat nav disc!!
  19. Phone Is there really no way to see who's calling?
  20. Speedo Speedo - Calibration Or Not?
  21. Electrics Radio/Aircon Display problem
  22. Satnav 2007 CTS Sat Nav double din install?
  23. Electrics double din fitting
  24. Electrics HFT and Nokia N73
  25. Add-on nav Garmin Nuvi 3790T
  26. Alarm Alarm....
  27. Electrics Towbar electrics
  28. AC/Heater Auto Climate
  29. Phone Installed Nokia CK-100 Bluetooth Handsfree kit
  30. Parking Rear Parking Camera
  31. Warnings Warning (!) for 2 sec on display when starting
  32. Electrics pairing phones
  33. Satnav Deleting Address in the Sat/Nav
  34. Other Replacing key battery?
  35. Alarm Key Alarm.
  36. Electrics Passenger window not working
  37. Phone Sorry if covered else where, but I have done a search
  38. Phone Pairing a phone
  39. Phone Handsfree phone kit?
  40. Satnav Type S T Sat Nav
  41. Satnav 32gb sd card will it be slow
  42. Satnav Question about sat nav
  43. Satnav Sat Nav Startup Screen
  44. Electrics Pgm-fi
  45. Electrics Free RickHondaR Footwell Kit
  46. Satnav Sat nav reads 'not on the digitised road'
  47. Alarm Quiet alarm..
  48. Parking Are the CRV camera and the Civic the same?
  49. Satnav New owner today- Sat Nav question
  50. Electrics Remote Keyless Entry
  51. Electrics Running a 12V powerfeed from the battery/EPS circuit. Is this alright?
  52. Electrics Key battery
  53. AC/Heater on audio display?
  54. Phone iPhone options in CTR
  55. Satnav Integrated sat nav into an 06 civic?
  56. Satnav Faulty SatNav (Disc or Head Unit)
  57. Electrics What the hell is this noise????
  58. Battery Early Model Civics + Flat Battery
  59. Phone setting up the HFT
  60. Electrics folding mirror folds to far out
  61. Satnav Sat Nav , Rear Camera , Screen
  62. Parking what type wireless camera or revering sensors
  63. Satnav does it come automatically when driving
  64. Electrics key lock rear electric windows
  65. AC/Heater A\C full automatic ? ...
  66. AC/Heater Air Con Regas - £25 kwik fit
  67. Alarm Tracker
  68. Battery On 06 Honda 2.2cdti sport
  69. Parking Your reverse cameras
  70. Computer MICU Faults
  71. Satnav EX Satnav - some strange routings
  72. Other Electrical problems but not sure where
  73. Phone Hands Free Telephone Help.
  74. Phone Hands free phone features
  75. Alarm Tracker
  76. Alarm Key transponder questions
  77. Electrics Cig lighter/power output
  78. Electrics Interior lights
  79. Phone Fitting Xcarlink Bluetooth Module
  80. Phone iPhone 3GS Voice Control through SSD Satnav?
  81. Electrics Doors won't open
  82. Satnav Replacing EX Sat Nav with double Din
  83. Other ivtec light
  84. Electrics Radio/CD problem on 06 EX
  85. Parking Parking Sensors
  86. Phone how do i connect my Iphone 3GS to my EX :(
  87. Other Vtec Controller
  88. Satnav SatNav for none-EX models
  89. Satnav Firmware hacking: Make roads 'thicker'
  90. Phone Bluetooth Upgrade
  91. Mounts Escort Radar Detector wiring
  92. Satnav Satnav Speed & Direction
  93. Electrics Tow bar electrics.
  94. TMC Tmc
  95. Other Following on from the farce that was
  96. Satnav SatNav POI
  97. Satnav sat nav
  98. Satnav What disk should I be looking for?
  99. Electrics mobile interference via speakers/headunit
  100. Voice recog Nokia 6600i Slide & Bluetooth
  101. Alarm central locking/alarm
  102. Other The Tuner knob's "Magic Powers"...
  103. Other Shocks
  104. Other Clock?
  105. Mounts iPod/iPhone cradle
  106. Safety Cameras Snooper
  107. Electrics Radio remote wire for amp
  108. Satnav Will the latest Nav DVD 3.3? work with the EX 2008 models
  109. Other Flashing Red Light?
  110. Voice recog Bluetooth phone voice commands?
  111. Electrics Passenger Window
  112. Electrics Heated rear screen knocks out radio
  113. Warnings check engine light
  114. Electrics Aux and ipod power
  115. Electrics Auto-dimming mirror! Working properly or not?
  116. Mounts IPHONE pics
  117. Parking Ebay reverse Camera
  118. Electrics Lambda sensor help
  119. Safety Cameras Talex speed camera detector.
  120. Other First time problems!
  121. Satnav DVD Version, really old...?
  122. Phone Anyone else having problems pairing hands free with Nokia E72?
  123. Other Trip is Wrong?!?!?
  124. Battery Clarke jump starters 4000/900 advice please
  125. Electrics Shorted Compact navigation base :(
  126. Battery Clarke Heavy Duty Jump Start 4000
  127. Other Resetting - clearing phonebook, Sat nav
  128. Phone Palm Pre
  129. AC/Heater What does pressing Auto do on the climate control?
  130. Electrics Honda HFT -v- Parott Bluetooth
  131. Electrics Heated seats
  132. Voice recog Honda hft
  133. Phone Parrot fitting at Halfords
  134. Phone Nokia 6730 smartphone HFT setup help
  135. Electrics Original civic gps navigator
  136. Satnav Brightness
  137. Satnav Satnav
  138. Phone i phone 3gs & HFT
  139. Add-on nav SSD navigation and FN2
  140. Battery Flat Battery again.
  141. Safety Cameras IR Night Vision System
  142. Electrics Changed the Ciggy Lighter for one of these...
  143. Other Do mirrors fold independently?
  144. Other Speaker Options.???
  145. Warnings OEM seats removal
  146. Other Auto wipers gone mental
  147. Satnav coverage
  148. Speedo 2009 Accord - USB Flash Drive Max Size
  149. Other Aux Port
  150. Safety Cameras Novus GPS Rider Updates For Life???
  151. Safety Cameras TomTom incorrect safety camera alert
  152. Phone Parrot MKi9100 problem?
  153. Satnav XL IQ Routes™ edition Europe
  154. Satnav Using Accord sat-nav as PC?
  155. Automation Auto Door Locking.
  156. Alarm Best Tracker?
  157. Alarm Snooper GPS Car Tracker - battery drain?
  158. Satnav Replace regular radio with Sat Nav
  159. Battery Low battery charge
  160. Electrics Light sensor
  161. Phone Low Volume Levels with Parrot CK3100 and BB 8100
  162. TMC TMC not working, faulty unit?
  163. Other INFINITY KAPPA 65.9cs -16.5cm (6.5") 2-way component speakers.
  164. Cruise Erratic Cruise Control
  165. AC/Heater Duel Climate Control Broken
  166. Satnav Up Grade
  167. Add-on nav New Civic Sat Nav Power Question
  168. Battery Door won't open! Can't get in!
  169. Electrics PLX Gauge, ON / OFF help
  170. AC/Heater Isnt Working - Which Fuse
  171. AC/Heater How long does it take for your blower to get warm?
  172. Electrics Noisey Wiper Motor
  173. Computer Save my sanity
  174. Battery Battery booster?
  175. Electrics Pivot or Shadow??The original or the imitation??
  176. Electrics OEM radio replaced by AVI alpine radio
  177. Phone Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
  178. AC/Heater Heater on Auto issue
  179. Satnav where is mic for satnav hands free
  180. Phone Nokia n900
  181. Phone Mounting Parrot CK3000 - on steering wheel?
  182. Electrics ECU Failure
  183. Phone Switches for blanks beside cigarette lighter?
  184. Other Has anyone had the official Honda bluetooth kit installed aftermarket?
  185. Electrics USB Invertor
  186. Other Button backlights not working
  187. Battery CTEK MULTI XS 3600 or MULTI XS 7000?
  188. Electrics Display problem too work after shifting original cd palyer HELP!!
  189. Electrics Front windows - Auto up/down function
  190. Electrics Auto demist ?
  191. Voice recog HFT help required....
  192. Satnav bluetooth on garmin sat navs
  193. VSA VSA on snow, dangerous?
  194. AC/Heater Display Interior temperature?
  195. Satnav Touchscreen Sat Nav
  196. Electrics digital display in dash stopped working!
  197. AC/Heater Air con on auto with recirculation at same time
  198. Satnav Hacked honda satnav
  199. Mounts Brodit Vent and Active Holder
  200. Battery BatteryBrain
  201. Speedo do i need a new speedo unit or i can reset it
  202. Satnav Retro-fitting Sat Nav
  203. Electrics Passenger mirror dip on reverse
  204. Satnav Why no text-to-speech on satnav?
  205. Phone Non-permanent easily removable mount for phone/pda
  206. Voice recog Voice recognition
  207. Electrics Self Locking
  208. Phone Parrot MKI 9200
  209. Other New Key How Much???
  210. Satnav Snoop Doggy Dog on your TomTom
  211. Battery Alternator Stopped Working
  212. Other Recording driving
  213. Voice recog iPod Voice control
  214. Satnav Does this Honda version really have satnav?
  215. Computer Diagnostics EX model
  216. Video (Project) How can I hardwire a Veba screen?
  217. Electrics Where is the inhibitor relay?
  218. Other Bargain Honda Reversing Sensors... need a paint job
  219. Electrics Help wanted with genuine honda ambient lighting
  220. AC/Heater Without air-con
  221. Computer Shift Lights & "eco marks"
  222. Phone Help wanted with connecting iphone
  223. Phone Feedback and buzzing noise when trying to use phone?
  224. Warnings How to reset Multi informational display
  225. Satnav Whats the latest sat nav disk?
  226. Battery Bosch s4 battery better then honda oem???
  227. Parking Sensors lag?
  228. Satnav Standalone Satnav with input for reverse camera?
  229. Phone HTC HD2 Compatible?
  230. AC/Heater Quickest way to clear rear-window
  231. Satnav Metric SatNav
  232. Satnav sat nav for xmas pressie
  233. Satnav tried a new satnav now mine is messed up?
  234. Electrics Changing courtesy bulbs
  235. Electrics Flip Key config
  236. Phone Phone holder
  237. Electrics Door Mirror removal?
  238. Other Radio Code Rip Off
  239. Warnings fast blinking led's side mirror (and 100 liters of water)
  240. Electrics Indicators flashing now not when locking / unlocking
  241. Electrics Flip Key ?? Any Good ?
  242. Computer OIL - Check System
  243. Other clock
  244. Electrics Number Plate LED's
  245. Computer How to change clock on satnav civic
  246. Electrics usb memory stick maximum capacity
  247. Electrics D/C battery for 5 minutes
  248. Other auto wipers do what they want
  249. Electrics ambient footwell lighting
  250. Battery Windows not working!