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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Electrics Should I fit full colour changing footwell lights in my car
  2. Other Iphone - Honda Civic EX advice
  3. Satnav sat nav manual 2006-
  4. Electrics Stereo playing up
  5. Phone Bluetooth HFT KIT from Staples (Freebie).
  6. Satnav SatNav Eject?
  7. Phone How to use the Bluetooth (Parrot?)
  8. Electrics electric folding mirrors
  9. AC/Heater Auto Aircon
  10. Other dashboard mod
  11. Electrics Can you change window lock to NOT include passenger window?
  12. Warnings Left key in Ignition tweeter
  13. Add-on nav Low cost sat-nav
  14. Satnav Sat Nav Reset
  15. Parking Civic hybrid sensors
  16. Electrics Stereo Problem
  17. Alarm Flip Key
  18. Phone Random German Moment
  19. Satnav Civic EX Sat Nav
  20. Parking Parking sensors help required
  21. Other Quick Question - Rear Power Socket
  22. Electrics Ice / Slippy warning light
  23. Parking binatone t 430, sat nav ,rear camera
  24. Other Odd Question Regarding Interior Light Panel
  25. Video Civic reversing camera
  26. Phone Nokia 5800
  27. Alarm Reprogram spare key.
  28. Phone Hide the carkit display somewhere
  29. AC/Heater Honda defroster reprogramming
  30. Satnav honda crv sat nav unit v.3.23 problem
  31. Phone HFT for 09 models (option)
  32. Electrics speed wire on type r fn2
  33. Phone LG KC910 - Any problems?
  34. Electrics Are all black cables in the Civic ground?
  35. Speedo Speedo Accuracy
  36. Phone HFT Iphone problem
  37. Parking Rear Parking Sensors - worth the money??
  38. Electrics Can I connect something direct to the battery?
  39. Phone Recommend best phone for the HFT
  40. Satnav satnav 3.23 install
  41. Phone Unable to pair phone with HFT
  42. Other parrot ck3100 help please
  43. Satnav Can I install Honda's Sat Nav System?
  44. Other Wipers park anywhere but at the bottom
  45. Satnav 2008/2009 System Update
  46. Mounts iphone holder
  47. Satnav Best sat nav screen settings (is there such a thing?)
  48. Satnav sat nav update
  49. Satnav Sat Nav + HFT + Iphone
  50. Computer Colour from On Board Computer
  51. Computer Differences in display
  52. Phone How do you dial using a stored name?
  53. Alarm deadlocks
  54. Satnav Nav screen to play video ??
  55. Battery New battery time!
  56. Phone Honda A-Pillar Hand Free Problem
  57. Phone LG Cookie HFT
  58. Phone Nokia Phones
  59. Satnav Sat nav - upgrade risks?
  60. Phone Bury phone kit
  61. Phone Parrott Mki 9200
  62. Electrics What colour dash lights would you prefer?
  63. Electrics dash lights
  64. VSA VSA Light
  65. Electrics Wiper Trouble
  66. Electrics Parrot CK3100 another mounting solution
  67. Electrics Check Light - airbags
  68. Electrics Best place to wire in additional cigarette lighter socket?
  69. Add-on nav Is TomTom 530 a good satnav/bluetooth/ipod solution.
  70. Parking In dash screen with input for reverse camera - need feed for reverse wiring to HU
  71. Voice recog HFT Doesn't Recognise Black Country
  72. Phone CK3100 Mounting pictures PARROT
  73. Mounts Safe to feed wire around windscreen past curtain airbag?
  74. Electrics Auto sensor wiper fault
  75. Satnav TomTom 920 wont stay connected to Samsung Tocco... HELP PLEASE
  76. Alarm Alarm
  77. Satnav Tom Tom Aerial Fitting
  78. Satnav HFT. She has done it again .
  79. Electrics Front Cig lighter fuse? Can't get socket to work?
  80. Satnav showing speed camera on sat nav
  81. Satnav Sat Nav and HFT Help
  82. Satnav Is the SatNav in the Civic EX any good?
  83. Parking Reverse Parking Sensors - Connection.
  84. Satnav Can you download the firmware?
  85. Cruise Retro fit cruise control?
  86. Satnav what is latest version for my civic sat nav
  87. Electrics thank you honda
  88. Satnav can i hack navigation to play dvd 06 civic 1.8 ex
  89. Computer How many miles have you driven with the range reading zero?
  90. Phone Samsung F480V
  91. Electrics In Car Charging
  92. Phone iPhone 3G on HFT very low volume
  93. Safety Cameras Adding Speed Cameras
  94. Electrics Satnav version where to look
  95. TMC How does the Traffic Queue Updater thing work?
  96. Satnav Right sat nav disk?
  97. Speedo This is amazing!
  98. Satnav Sat Nav coverage in Scandinavia and Baltics (split)
  99. Warnings malfunction already?
  100. VSA VSA warninig light in cold weather
  101. Electrics How to disable beep sounds of trip calculator?
  102. Parking Rear Parking Sensors....
  103. Satnav Can you connect a TomTom via Bluetooth to the Civic Hands Free?
  104. Satnav Saving
  105. AC/Heater Auto setting on Aircon / Heater doesn't seem to work
  106. Safety Cameras Beat the Speed trap
  107. Computer adding something to the computer display
  108. Phone Phone
  109. Computer What mpg setting do you use on your civic?
  110. Electrics Indicator Noise!
  111. Electrics indicators annoy me
  112. Other Parking sensors
  113. Phone help phone connection!
  114. Electrics Iphone and Honda Bluetooth pairing
  115. Electrics 07 civic door mirror not folding
  116. Satnav Satnav Disc
  117. Satnav install sat nav in 2.2 ctdi sport
  118. Electrics Won't lock sometimes.
  119. Phone Parrot MKi9200 on EX Civic with built-in SatNav
  120. Satnav Voice assistant
  121. Electrics CTR Exterior Temperature Gauge Haywire!
  122. Phone HFT on JDM Civic
  123. Other Radio is not working properly
  124. Warnings When does low fuel light come on?
  125. Phone Blackberry Bold 9000
  126. Battery That Sinking feeling....
  127. Other Windscreen Wiper Relay Problems
  128. Electrics ICD Ipod Connector?
  129. Electrics DICE Ipod Interface wanted!
  130. Alarm Auto locking
  131. Electrics central locking/stereo
  132. AC/Heater Switch on heater without AC
  133. Automation Automatic wipers
  134. Cruise Cruise Control in Belgium
  135. AC/Heater Clearing mist from windscreen without aircon.
  136. Computer Trip computer functionality
  137. Warnings problem light when start
  138. Safety Cameras Speed Camera Warning System
  139. Electrics Power outlet in boot
  140. Phone HFT Pairing
  141. Electrics battery
  142. Phone Bluetooth telephone only works on near-side speaker?
  143. Satnav Dealer put 2 satnav disks in one slot
  144. Electrics Radio, Clock, HFT all dead after service on 1.8EX
  145. Satnav SatNav/Display off mode?
  146. Parking Faulty Parking Sensors
  147. Speedo Anyway to change the speedo in kph to mph on LHD 08 cars?
  148. Battery Battery Specifications
  149. Add-on nav Reversing Camera
  150. Warnings SRS Indicator
  151. Parking 3rd-Party parking sensors. Who will install them?
  152. Add-on nav Sat Nav that will look best in a 2006 CTDI?
  153. Other REV Indicator
  154. Other Quick question
  155. Satnav Garmin or TomTom or ?
  156. Parking Steelmate PTS 400N Parking Sensor
  157. Satnav POI's on satnav
  158. Electrics anyone willing to...
  159. Phone Iphone Bluetooth When Dialling From Phone
  160. Speedo spooky speedo
  161. Battery Jumper Cables
  162. AC/Heater Dual Zone Question
  163. Voice recog Getting to the mic??
  164. Alarm Anybody upgraded their alarm?
  165. Battery Latest ECU update and Flat Battery issue
  166. Electrics Mph/kmph
  167. Alarm Locking up
  168. Alarm Auto Locking doors
  169. Parking Fitting reversing sensors
  170. AC/Heater Too hot!
  171. Satnav Navigation difference between 2006 & 2008
  172. Add-on nav TOMTOM Traffic
  173. Electrics Electric folding mirrors
  174. AC/Heater Heated Seats
  175. AC/Heater Musty aircon smell
  176. AC/Heater Auto setting in the colder months?
  177. Parking Honda Reversing Sensors
  178. Alarm Anyone fitted a Clifford?
  179. Other Key Battery Life
  180. Speedo Snooper/Speedo
  181. Other Fuses - What circuits are protected.
  182. Electrics Interior Lights not working
  183. Warnings keys in alarm
  184. Electrics HFT volume fluctuation problem
  185. Phone Bluetooth problem
  186. Other Beep beep!
  187. Satnav Software download on satnav setup menu
  188. Satnav Tire Calibrate on Satnav Diagnostic menu
  189. Electrics Firmware upgrade....unexpected result!!
  190. Satnav firmware benifits
  191. Satnav sat nav choice of routes
  192. Satnav Sat Nav update
  193. Satnav What countries are mapped?
  194. Electrics Clicking auto wipers?
  195. Other Civic Key 06
  196. Satnav SatNav Settings
  197. Satnav Speed cameras on sat nav
  198. Electrics bootlight
  199. Add-on nav SmartNav SatNav
  200. Voice recog Voice Commands Delay
  201. Phone Hands Free Telephone problem
  202. Automation Can you manually fold wing mirrors ?
  203. Satnav Satnav day/night/auto setting.
  204. Satnav sat nav help
  205. Warnings question? x2
  206. Phone IO Play Bluetooth music streaming car kit
  207. Satnav new dvd
  208. AC/Heater Auto climate control question
  209. Parking rear view camera with rear view mirror integrated LCD?
  210. Electrics Turning on sidelights with central locking?
  211. AC/Heater Webasto/Eberspächer on a Civic?
  212. Electrics Getting to fusebox?
  213. Parking Reviews sought: Parking Dynamics reversing sensor
  214. Computer Dashboard Display
  215. Satnav Sat Nav Version on New CTR
  216. Electrics Dashboard lights dancing?
  217. Satnav CTR Standard Sat Nav - CF Card Slot?
  218. Automation day and night light mode on the instruments
  219. Mounts HTC Diamond crandle
  220. Other Can I to program my remote control?
  221. Safety Cameras Road Angel Professional
  222. Electrics Which flip key supplier
  223. Phone Unpair 1 Phone
  224. AC/Heater Climate control 'mist'
  225. Cruise Adding Cruise Control
  226. Add-on nav Aftermarket Sat Nav
  227. Electrics Remote Locking Problems? Look Here.
  228. AC/Heater Passenger side seems colder....?
  229. Speedo Help - swapping the tacho / speedo unit
  230. Battery Wont unlock
  231. Alarm To install a Tracker or not
  232. Electrics warranty ???
  233. Add-on nav tips for portable sat nav please
  234. Satnav My satnav regret
  235. Satnav Deleting those circles when driving off road
  236. Parking Reverse Parking Sensors
  237. Satnav screen install
  238. Add-on nav Mac Compatible - Sat Nav/Camera Detectors
  239. Satnav Sat nav frustration!!!!
  240. Electrics Вlitz throttle controller - Installation report
  241. Electrics A quick tip for closing your windows
  242. Satnav Retro-fit Honda satnav
  243. Electrics CD player
  244. Other Programmable flip key
  245. Electrics disabling seatbelt sensor?
  246. Satnav Make sat nav text bigger
  247. Phone Parrott Multicomm + CK3100
  248. Phone Samsung i900 & HTC Diamond
  249. Satnav 3.23 sat nav
  250. Warnings warning light on display..?