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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Phone Samsung i900 & HTC Diamond
  2. Satnav 3.23 sat nav
  3. Warnings warning light on display..?
  4. Add-on nav Itīs possible: Integrated HU with nav - aftermarket
  5. Safety Cameras Talex GPS Speed Camera Detector
  6. Satnav Is there an upgrade to play DVD's?
  7. Alarm Central locking probs
  8. Mounts Steering wheel controls, how to remove plastic cover?
  9. Electrics Phonocar 4/083 install
  10. Phone Bluetooth ... ?
  11. Satnav HFT not ending calls
  12. Add-on nav Garmin 760t or TomTom GO 530t?
  13. Phone Which hands free? - HTC Touch Dual
  14. Phone iPhone 3G & HFT
  15. Satnav Will honda upgrade 3.22 to 3.23 for free?
  16. Other Cd player- speakers? Noname?
  17. Satnav How to roll back to an earlier Nav disc?
  18. Phone HFT Functionality
  19. Safety Cameras Road Angel Question
  20. Satnav Cyprus Map for honda satnav and ipod music link
  21. Warnings Short beep after driving through a ford?
  22. Alarm Quick Question
  23. Safety Cameras Snooper Sapphire Camera Detector
  24. Computer Econometre conversion from litres/100km to mpg
  25. Phone Hands Free Pls Help (Pause)
  26. Electrics Highway Robbery!!!
  27. Satnav cost of a new sat nav monitor
  28. Other Cable Route From Engine Bay to Cabin
  29. Phone HFT Problems
  30. Satnav Detour lockup
  31. Phone Bluetooth - Crackberry 8800
  32. Parking parking sensors 2 quick question
  33. Parking Will the real parking sensors please stand up...
  34. Parking parking sensors??
  35. Satnav Sat Nav + HFT on GTR-GT Pre Buying Advice
  36. VSA VSA Light coming on...
  37. Satnav Where can i get free maps/upgrades for Garmin i3 sat nav?
  38. Add-on nav Latest ebuyer offer
  39. Phone Pairing my phone
  40. Satnav Sat nav display not 'auto' turning to night mode
  41. TMC TMC not working? (Finland)
  42. Electrics Where to buy fuses?
  43. Phone Does Iphone work simultaneously - Music lead & EX HF?
  44. AC/Heater Air Con on Type R or not
  45. Safety Cameras fitting TALEX system to my new civi
  46. Satnav The satnav..don't listen to it
  47. Other Coding Type-S Keys
  48. Electrics Help With Footwell Lights , Its Sending Me MAD!
  49. Computer when in the red,,how many more miles have you got left ? ? is the computers estimate
  50. Satnav Recommended aftermarket Sat-Nav?
  51. Electrics HFT not responding
  52. Electrics Dimming Mirror mount
  53. Parking which parking sensors?
  54. Other radio on without key
  55. Warnings irritating and annoying sound..........
  56. Electrics side mirror broken
  57. Automation Auto Wipers Fault?
  58. Voice recog Hands Free wrong first time
  59. Electrics bluetooth kit and ipod cable
  60. Parking Parkingsensors
  61. Electrics Activating automatic door locks
  62. Phone Sat Nav & Phone Reset?
  63. Satnav usa software version
  64. Phone mobile phone problem samsung d900i
  65. Mounts Bluetooth phone systems
  66. Other Harmon Kardon iPod Drive & Play
  67. Phone HFT - using pause
  68. Add-on nav Tom Tom Car Symbol
  69. Other So how am I going to replace that then?
  70. Phone Honda HFT
  71. Electrics Passenger window switch - up or down?!
  72. Satnav postcode and no house numbers
  73. Satnav routing with nav 3.23 asks for EuroTunnel/Ferry for every journey
  74. Electrics Help with putting ambient lighting in doors
  75. Phone Parrot HFT and DICE Ipod player
  76. Phone fix for speaker on hft
  77. Parking Taurus T123
  78. Other Useless but thrifty?
  79. AC/Heater Air Conditioning Too Warm
  80. Electrics front cig power install options?
  81. Electrics Linking wing mirrors to central locking
  82. Satnav Sat Nav Switch Off
  83. Phone Bluetooth Handsfree Calling Problem.
  84. Satnav Honda Satnav
  85. Cruise Cruise Control
  86. Warnings Ignition key warning
  87. Electrics Bluetooth and Iphone fun!!
  88. Safety Cameras RoadPilot MicroGo
  89. Electrics Nokia 6600 - connection no sound!
  90. Satnav Low cost satnav
  91. Other Infra-red nightvision?????
  92. Electrics Interiour Light Housing & Hands Free Kit
  93. Other Lojack
  94. Other Airbag off...
  95. Satnav Entering 5 digit post codes
  96. Phone HBT Speaker
  97. Electrics Finally My Sounds System
  98. Parking Parking sensors in splitter
  99. Phone Blackberry Mounting install
  100. Cruise Adding Cruise Control?
  101. Alarm Civic key advice
  102. Other Power to rear cigarette lighter
  103. Phone Watch out if you fit your own hands free kit
  104. Alarm Total Closure
  105. Satnav What other model will the Civic Sat Nav disc work on?
  106. Computer Trip A and Trip B
  107. AC/Heater Question about AUTO function
  108. Other Developer menu
  109. Phone Bluetooth Options
  110. Phone Parrot 3200LS
  111. Phone Parrot PMK5800--anyone got one?
  112. AC/Heater Air Condition Service
  113. Electrics HID Lights
  114. Satnav Sat Nav Brightness (Not Bright)
  115. TMC How useful is the Civic Satnav's TMC?
  116. Computer Dash lights
  117. Satnav Im going to attempt a retro fit sat nav
  118. Cruise Retro fit cruise control
  119. Parking Parking sensor beeps are not continuous?
  120. Electrics Tow Bar Wiring Help please
  121. Alarm Ever tried arming your alarm with your partner inside?
  122. Cruise Cruise Control
  123. Automation Auto Windows
  124. Phone Is the HFT bluetooth upgrade for the ES worth it
  125. Phone Sometimes refuses to disconnect after car is switched off.
  126. Other what lights up
  127. Satnav Satnav.......lost confidence.
  128. Other Dash Dimmer switch
  129. Automation Auto Wipers & Lights
  130. Electrics Indicators
  131. Other Cigar lighter
  132. Satnav Sat Nav Question
  133. Electrics USB Flash Disk into your head unit..
  134. Phone DTMF Tones Via Hands Free
  135. Electrics REV Indicator
  136. Safety Cameras Road Angel Professional
  137. Add-on nav TomTom pics
  138. Alarm Cat 1 Alarms
  139. Electrics Start Button Design tis' a bit crap really
  140. Alarm Auto Locking Doors on 08 Model Civic Type S
  141. AC/Heater climate control 2.2 ex diesel
  142. Alarm keys
  143. Electrics Which power connection to use for Harman Kardon Drive & Play.
  144. Electrics Passenger window not always auto complete.
  145. Phone HFT Bluetooth Pairing Problem
  146. Add-on nav Compact navigation system.
  147. Add-on nav New TomTom maps
  148. Electrics Reversing Camera Kit
  149. Phone Samsung F490
  150. Voice recog Your commonly used voice commands
  151. Satnav Best sat nav
  152. Satnav Best way to mount a TomTom?
  153. Safety Cameras Bel 966R Europa - Radar/Laser detector
  154. Satnav Are you happy with the built in sat nav?
  155. Phone Samsung D880 dual sim compatible with HFT?
  156. Satnav Real Time Speed
  157. Satnav Questions about sat nav discs
  158. Automation Electric folding mirror automatically folding in?
  159. Satnav Low cost Sat-Nav
  160. Electrics Front cig lighter, solderinf 3 outlet cig-plug?
  161. Electrics Suggestions for laptop carpc installation?
  162. AC/Heater Problem with airco/internal circulation
  163. Parking Electromagnetic Parking Sensor
  164. Electrics i-vtec indicator
  165. Computer Average Speed Display
  166. Add-on nav navigation in israel
  167. Add-on nav Garmin Sat Nav Install
  168. Satnav Factory reset Sat Nav
  169. Parking Rear Reversing Camera
  170. Warnings low Fuel Warning light
  171. Phone HFT Bluetooth problem
  172. Parking Reverse Park System seems very quiet
  173. Parking "Muting the radio" questions
  174. Add-on nav Powering USBpowerd bluetooth devide via ipod connection
  175. Other Radio Cut Off Problem!
  176. Other Open windows with key
  177. Satnav OEM Stereo to Satnav & Software
  178. Electrics Connector plan of the headunit back with wiring
  179. Other First Post A few Questions
  180. Phone dension gateway (100/300) and BTA 1000 feedback
  181. Alarm My new NO REMOTE button small key
  182. Satnav Switching off voice directions
  183. Warnings Seatbelt symbols in the Multifunction Display
  184. Satnav Satnav/HFT steering wheel controls query
  185. Safety Cameras Has anyone wired their snooper to the fusebox of an FN2??
  186. Satnav Lidl sat nav offer
  187. AC/Heater Very high outside temperature reading
  188. Safety Cameras Recommend a Speed Camera Warning Device
  189. Satnav 3.05 and 3.06 sat nav dvd
  190. Satnav v 3.22 Improvements
  191. Satnav sat nav
  192. VSA Witness my vsa working!
  193. Electrics Dashboard illumination changed after service!
  194. Other Setting the clock time
  195. Satnav Dvd Format For The Sat Nav
  196. Phone HFT Caller Display
  197. Mounts Mounting a Tom Tom ... Where???
  198. AC/Heater OK, so whats the difference?
  199. Computer Type-R Diagnostic Procedure
  200. Phone iPhone
  201. Alarm Alarm sound
  202. Other Condensation in rear centre light
  203. Parking Reverse Parking Sensors for Ģ50 ?
  204. Computer Fuel tank, reserve fuel???
  205. Satnav GPS Speed (Helppp)
  206. Satnav portable satnav help please!
  207. Satnav No SatNav disc
  208. Safety Cameras Cheetah Gps Mirror
  209. TMC Tmc
  210. Warnings Seat belt warning noise!
  211. Satnav SatNav Version
  212. VSA Traction Control+"EDL"
  213. Automation Foot brake controls wipers?
  214. Electrics dimmer for footwell leds?
  215. Video AV selector
  216. Electrics Cigarette Lighter Socket
  217. Electrics Fag Lighter Fuse
  218. Alarm Remote Alarm Noise
  219. Computer Reset average MPH reading
  220. Mounts Brodit Mounts
  221. Computer MP3-tag-info on Nav-Display crippled
  222. Parking Cheap and Cheerful Rear View Camera
  223. Satnav Sat nav
  224. Warnings Tyre pressure
  225. Alarm Key Batteries
  226. Phone HFT Language ARGHHH
  227. AC/Heater Heated Rear Window - Auto On?
  228. Computer New Here - Civic 1.8 Sport
  229. Parking Rear parking sensor speaker location
  230. VSA Vehicle Stability Assist
  231. Mounts Garmin Sat Nav/Brodit Clip
  232. Satnav Good place for a TomTom?
  233. Satnav ive been offered the new 3.22 satnav disk.
  234. Alarm Slightly different new key design
  235. Parking Rear Parking Sensors
  236. Alarm Remote key failing sometimes
  237. Warnings Key Ignition...
  238. Electrics Nokia 6500 slide hands free compatible
  239. Phone Parrot Bluetooth Install Guide
  240. Satnav Is my Sat Nav Disk covered under my Warranty
  241. Satnav erase satnav history?
  242. Alarm How to leave mother-in-law in car and lock doors ?
  243. Satnav Satnav display on EX question
  244. Satnav Ferry/Tunnel
  245. AC/Heater QUESTION: Rear Heated Windscreen
  246. Satnav Install SatNav software
  247. Electrics heated rear window problems
  248. Alarm unlock the doors with the key
  249. Satnav sat nav voice
  250. VSA Traction Control