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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Phone HFT issue
  2. Video About Nav-inhon
  3. Phone HFT phone system
  4. Phone HFT and Two Phones
  5. Warnings gas emissions light
  6. Warnings warning light!!!!
  7. Computer Diagnostic trouble code
  8. Electrics Auto Wind up windows
  9. Electrics ODB II (CAN) Message explanation
  10. Phone Bluetooth Pairing on SatNav/Hft
  11. Electrics Display weirdness
  12. Other Tinting Mirror
  13. Electrics Fuses
  14. Satnav Sat Nav
  15. Satnav Carputer - satnav display 'frame'
  16. Computer Trip computer
  17. Satnav Sat Nav Question
  18. Electrics What fuse to use when installing TR30
  19. Electrics rear sensor
  20. Phone Parrot 3200
  21. TMC Sat Nav and TMC
  22. Electrics Rev counter
  23. Electrics Retrofit rain sensing wipers?
  24. Electrics Reset Auto 10MPH doorlocks to Normal Operation
  25. Satnav Auto night dimming
  26. Satnav I give up !
  27. AC/Heater What are the Blanks for next to the Cigar lighter ?
  28. Electrics Wiring mobile phone charger to lighter socket?
  29. Satnav Sat Nav general questions
  30. Add-on nav Sat Nav Update 2008
  31. Satnav hft satnav
  32. Mounts New TomTom Mounting
  33. Satnav Satnav splash screen hack (Satelitte Navigation)
  34. Warnings Parking Sensors Affected By Frost ?
  35. Satnav Default Speed Settings
  36. Computer PGM-FI Reset
  37. Satnav Information on Civic EX model SATNAV?
  38. Add-on nav Honda Compact Navigation System
  39. Phone Wired in handsfree kit or Bluetooth?
  40. Other Clocks out of sync!
  41. Electrics Extra Door Lock/unlock button centre console
  42. Satnav Voice directions
  43. Alarm Locking my Car
  44. Phone Nokia 6500
  45. Other Removing door panels?
  46. Mounts Mount your satnav on the dash
  47. Phone Nokia 6300
  48. Alarm Alarm light
  49. Phone iPhone - Streaming music??
  50. Electrics Exact model of radio-CD equipment.
  51. Phone Bluetooth option
  52. Add-on nav Mounting Options?
  53. Phone LG Viewty
  54. Alarm Ladies and gents need some feedback and advice please
  55. Phone Denison Bluetooth Wiring
  56. Phone Cable for update software of parrot CK3000
  57. Electrics Winter Gadgets that would make life easier
  58. Voice recog Any hidden features?
  59. AC/Heater Rear Screen
  60. Computer mph,kph switch
  61. Phone carphone mounting
  62. Warnings Check System - Engine Symbol!
  63. VSA VSA-vehicle stability assist
  64. Phone Parrot - Poor After Care Service
  65. Phone HFT its driving me mad
  66. Safety Cameras Talex
  67. AC/Heater Heated Leather Seats
  68. Mounts Sat Nav Friction Mounts?
  69. Add-on nav Tomtom One XL versus Garmin Nuvi 250 Wide
  70. Add-on nav Circuit Help NEEDED... PLEASE
  71. Electrics Auto-dip rearview mirror
  72. Voice recog hft language
  73. Satnav Finding Hotels en route.
  74. Video Video in is dark and scrolls left to right
  75. Add-on nav TomTom 520T / Computer Interface
  76. Phone k610i
  77. Phone Programming a pause in a phone number?
  78. Parking Opinions on this 'parking sensor' set?
  79. Electrics front foglights
  80. Phone Loss of pairing with Nokia N95
  81. Electrics Central locking only unlocks
  82. Phone are sony erikson compatable?
  83. Phone pairing sony t68i ok, but voice says "no phone found"?
  84. Satnav sat nav install
  85. Video Made myself a Video in Wire
  86. Computer Coldest Temperature Reading
  87. Computer kilometers per litre
  88. Electrics CAN Interface
  89. Satnav Which Sat Nav disk do I have?
  90. AC/Heater Does Auto use the air con in the winter?
  91. Warnings Seat belt warning
  92. Computer miles to go (Fuel)
  93. Other Location of brake light circuit?
  94. Satnav New sat nav still missing roads
  95. Satnav SatNav Night Mode
  96. Parking Wiring up front parking sensors
  97. Automation Door mirrors controlled by central locking
  98. Satnav Honda IPOD Cable and Rear Camera PDF. Just let me know
  99. Speedo Speed Reading Driving in Reverse
  100. TMC TMC not working anymore
  101. Phone Apple i-Phone - Bluetooth HFT compatibility
  102. Alarm Is there a Alarm at the 1.8 Sport as standard?
  103. Electrics Ambient blue lights
  104. Ouch!!!!
  105. Electrics URGENT - Power sockets
  106. Parking Honda Fit rear Parking sensors
  107. Warnings [How to] Disable the over-speed beeper
  108. Electrics Cigarette socket to usb
  109. Satnav SATNAV Voice and what the dealer said
  110. Alarm Interior alarm on an ES
  111. Voice recog 2nd Day with my Type R and got problems.
  112. Satnav Find farthest...
  113. Parking Colour-coding sensors
  114. Electrics Passing wires from engine bay to cabin?
  115. Other Auto door locking?
  116. Parking Rear view camera temporarily stopped working...
  117. Electrics Rear 12v power socket
  118. Computer clever little civic
  119. Alarm Leaving Dog In Car
  120. Satnav Sat Nav thinks I live down the road!
  121. Parking Front parking sensors?
  122. Phone Sony HCB-700 HFT install
  123. Computer Default Screen
  124. Other iPOD Adaptor for 2007 Civic
  125. Add-on nav Aftermarket satnav attachment
  126. Phone Orange SPV M700
  127. Phone Toshiba Portégé G900
  128. Warnings temperature display faulty????
  129. Other HTC Touch, HTC S710, HTC S730
  130. Phone HTC TyTN II - T-mobile Vario III
  131. Satnav SatNav Manual PDF?
  132. Other Temperature
  133. Satnav Turn off sat-nav?
  134. Phone Sony Ericsson K850i
  135. AC/Heater HELP, new EX, Dual AC
  136. Electrics Auto lights and wipers
  137. Parking Parking sensors - easy DIY fit?
  138. Satnav Latest SatNav DVD
  139. Phone Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree
  140. Satnav Buying Honda Civic Navi aftermarket
  141. Phone Iphone compatibility?
  142. Mounts TOMTOM Fitting?
  143. Parking CISBO Parking Sensors
  144. Alarm RAC Invisishield
  145. Parking Reversing Camera
  146. Computer Onboard Computer
  147. Phone HFT delay
  148. Parking Problem with type S city pack and parking sensors
  149. Phone Parrot 3100 with road angel
  150. Alarm Factory Fit Alarm
  151. Electrics Type R Vtech light ?
  152. TMC Tmc
  153. Satnav Standard Radio on 2.2 S gt, with Sat Nav.
  154. Phone apple iphone works
  155. Phone Parrot and Connects2
  156. Satnav Satnav Glovebox Pics?
  157. Satnav Honda need to look and learn
  158. Add-on nav Satnav question
  159. Electrics Rev Indicator lights
  160. Other setting the clock
  161. Phone Blackberry 8300 "Curve" %$'[email protected]^ pairing with Bluetooth
  162. Other Service items
  163. Electrics Battery: is it that bad?
  164. Phone Sony S500i
  165. AC/Heater Heated seats - strange operation, and not warm enough
  166. Phone Bluetooth phonebook issue
  167. Alarm alarm going off
  168. Other Which setting do you most often use on the auto wipers?
  169. Electrics Rev Indicator Not Working ???
  170. Other Parrot CK3000
  171. Electrics Steering wheel switch illumination?
  172. Video Pardon a daft screen question
  173. Computer Hidden Extras ?
  174. Phone Bluetooth - interferance?
  175. Phone Bluetooth
  176. Warnings How does it know?!
  177. Satnav Possible USB connector at the back of Navigation Unit?
  178. Speedo Odometer accuracy
  179. Parking Anyone Interested in this?
  180. Speedo KPH to MPH?
  181. Satnav SatNav Brightness
  182. Parking OEM sensor problem
  183. Add-on nav Aftermarket satnav systems
  184. Phone HFT and the Nokia N95
  185. Electrics Has anyone installed the TypeR red Ambient Lighting set?
  186. Other Auto-Dimming Mirrors
  187. Cruise Can cruise control be retro fitted? (merged)
  188. Alarm immobilisor
  189. Video Camera
  190. Phone NEW SAMSUNG G600 (5 megapixel)
  191. AC/Heater Rear Heater
  192. Electrics Ground wire upgrade
  193. Satnav Sat Nav/HFT - What Honda could have given us?
  194. Satnav Honda satnav/hft worth it?
  195. Phone ipaq hw6915
  196. Satnav sat nav spellning
  197. Other Ambient lighting.
  198. Electrics replacing head unit and re directing cables
  199. Satnav Voice of the Sat Nav
  200. Voice recog Hft - locked
  201. Add-on nav Removal of top hinged door in dash
  202. Satnav Bizarre drive home
  203. Safety Cameras radar detectors
  204. Phone Motorazr maxx6
  205. Phone System locked
  206. Safety Cameras Finding Under Dash 12V Switched Wire
  207. Satnav Data recency on new EX
  208. Parking Reversing camera
  209. Add-on nav After Market Suggestions
  210. Electrics Wont Start
  211. Add-on nav Fitting aftermarket satnav/fuel cutoff switch
  212. Computer What is this in the on-board computer (merged)
  213. Phone Orange SPV phones and HFT
  214. Safety Cameras Target Laser Tracker 400
  215. Electrics Panic! I've lost my Auto Windows
  216. Alarm Auto re-lock
  217. Electrics RA Compact cigarette Cable for Garmin Nuvi?
  218. Phone Bluetooth controls on the steering wheel require SatNav?
  219. Add-on nav Cheap? Stand Alone GPS
  220. Phone aftermarket hands free kit
  221. Satnav Routing error ?
  222. Phone Hands free query
  223. Add-on nav Hardwire SatNav
  224. Add-on nav Navman N40i
  225. Safety Cameras TalexLite - Fitted
  226. Satnav Sat Nav and Minor Roads
  227. Parking Another aftermarket RV camera installation.
  228. Electrics blue foot light
  229. Electrics Close windows on lock?
  230. Satnav manual
  231. Phone Where to fit a Parrot 3200
  232. Satnav Verbal Reminder
  233. Satnav Sat Nav and Trip Computer Questions
  234. Voice recog Really Slow Voice Recognition
  235. Mounts Dashmount
  236. Alarm thatcham category 1 alarm
  237. Electrics Small spade connectors
  238. Alarm Locked out of the Car
  239. Phone Parrot CK3100LCD and Multicomm/Multican??
  240. Parking Too late for the sensors!!!!
  241. Satnav East European Sat Nav
  242. Parking Parking Sensor -System Limitations
  243. Speedo Display true speed (Satnav models only)
  244. Alarm Immobiliser Unit, where is it ?
  245. Phone Charging cradle with HFT
  246. Satnav Built-in Sat-nav System on eBay
  247. Alarm Flip Keys
  248. Other folding mirrors (Again)
  249. Parking parking sensors
  250. Phone Am i missing something?????????