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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Electrics Installing Permanent usb socket
  2. Electrics Fuse for side and rear lights?
  3. Other Adjusting Time
  4. Battery Need new battery, which one do you recommend?
  5. Electronic fault FN2
  6. Other Powerfold Mirrors (Via Key)
  7. Electrics Sat Nav Message
  8. Satnav Honda Sat Nav Update 3.C0 2018-2019 Europe
  9. Electrics Hft bluetooth/pair fix!
  10. Electrics Positive terminal
  11. AC not turning on
  12. Other dab aerial i.d
  13. Electrics cigarette socket fuse location needed
  14. AC/Heater Air con fault codes
  15. AC/Heater Sometimish AC/fan blower
  16. Electrics Civic 1.4 2009
  17. Electrics HELP Please
  18. Electrics Passenger window not working correctly
  19. Electrics Cocked up SOD repair?
  20. Air con question
  21. Electrics VSA / ABS / Brake Light - Help Required
  22. Electrics Nextbase hardwire kit & mem card
  23. AC/Heater AC not working, seeking specialist in the North East
  24. Electrics Speedometer flashing 888
  25. Electrics Dashcam install (Fuse 29)
  26. AC/Heater Cockpit fuse 36 keeps blowing?
  27. Rear window
  28. Electrics Rear passenger window stopped working but why?
  29. Electrics Interior fan, tempterature & back window demist dead
  30. Electric keys issue
  31. Other Flip keys
  32. Electrics Permanent live wire for GPS tracker
  33. VSA VSA light intermittent - normal driving
  34. VSA Replacing the ABS / VSA module
  35. Video Which reverse camera fits into the number plate light??
  36. AC/Heater AC misting up
  37. Other Red LEDs under dash - what are they?
  38. Electrics Help identifying this sensor?
  39. Other Ante Bubalo mirror module - what am I doing wrong?
  40. Electrics Clock issue
  41. Satnav Sugestions for replacing OEM Radio
  42. Electrics 2010 ES-T Clarion Headunit Flipping Out
  43. Electrics General electronics question regarding footwell LEDs
  44. Alarm Alarm queries
  45. Other Programming a new key
  46. Electrics New Flip key not working
  47. Video 2009 Civic Pinout for video input cable req'd
  48. Electrics Access to wiring loom going from engine -> cockpit
  49. Electrics Snagged wired rendering electrics dead
  50. Other LCD Display
  51. Electrics High Level Brake Light
  52. Grounding kit
  53. Random wiring plug
  54. Cruise Retrofit cruise control
  55. Battery Disconnect HFT, won't start
  56. Battery FK3 - battery recommendations
  57. Electrics Phone symbol no radio
  58. Radiator Fan 1.8 fk2
  59. Electrics Fuse box diagram
  60. Satnav where to download navi dvd
  61. Electrics Honda Civic Infotainment not detecting Radio and Clock Display off
  62. Safety Cameras Where to buy
  63. Battery 2007 civic- how to jump start?
  64. Automation wiring diagram needed
  65. PGMFI relay location please help!
  66. Other Fan not working, Please help
  67. Alarm No Alarm Sound
  68. Battery Battery and Rev Issues
  69. Electrics Display and radio problems
  70. Electrics FN2 couple of electronics questions
  71. Electrics Fuse question
  72. Electrics Fuel range
  73. Satnav 07/08 Plate Electronics
  74. Other Windscreen wiper discolouration
  75. Infotainment system
  76. Alarm Automatic folding mirrors with keyfobe?
  77. Electrics Scangauge location
  78. Electrics Front left passenger window won't open even after window reset
  79. Electrics Side mirror foot light
  80. Electrics digital clock
  81. AC/Heater Heater Blower/AC not working
  82. Electrics Smaller battery for 2.2 i-CTDi ?
  83. Battery Another Honda saga for me....
  84. A/C & Demister Controls not working
  85. Safety Cameras Recommendations for a good dashcam?
  86. Battery Battery drain/ flat
  87. Electrics Possible to set headlights to turn off with ignition?
  88. Electrics Help please- Fuse no 16 (15amp ) keeps blowing
  89. Computer Key and Immobiliser issue
  90. Electrics Folding mirror stopped working
  91. AC/Heater AirCon
  92. Phone worth a punt? alternative bluetooth
  93. Phone honda hft module interchangeable?
  94. Bluetooth disconnected. Looking to kill 2 birds when replacing
  95. Other Dashboard screen only shows speed alert
  96. Warnings airbags? What its mean this icon
  97. Other Fuse #20 - Not Used
  98. Alarm Little red light
  99. VSA Code Reader
  100. Miles remaining
  101. Electrics Auto Electrician Door Lock Specialists in the North West
  102. Speedo Rev Counter Honda civic 2008
  103. Electrics flat battery 2.2 civic 07
  104. Electrics Strange beep from rear light when indicating
  105. Navi reverse camera
  106. Add-on nav Navi and electronics questions
  107. Alarm Remote central locking
  108. Video How put video in any moment?
  109. Other Folding mirror fault - over extending - not the SOD
  110. Speedo Speedo showing 0
  111. Electrics Anyone have any info on pinouts/connections for any of the Instument Clusters (FN2)
  112. Electrics Reverse Camera lead for satnav anybody?
  113. Electrics Ambient temperature sensor
  114. Parking Parking sensor intermittent working
  115. Other CD constant 'disk read' but nowt happens..
  116. Safety Cameras Help with camera
  117. Electrics Can't change date or time after installing double din
  118. Electrics Strange (original) bluetooth module
  119. Electrics 2008 type s just died
  120. Other LCD issue and head unit problem?
  121. Electrics Switched Live - engine bay
  123. Safety Cameras Reverse camera not working - any replacements?
  124. Speedometer calibration
  125. Alarm Key fobs not working - question about alarm
  126. Phone Phone blutooth/satnav
  127. Electrics not working radio and clock display
  128. Add-on nav radio info screen
  129. Satnav Very dim satnav screen at night.
  130. eléctric scheme
  131. Electrics Front Cigarette lighter socket not working
  132. Electrics Radio switching on/off & display corruot
  133. Electrics Bluetooth Module
  134. Electrics HFT commands volume
  135. Battery Dodgy alternator job!?
  136. Speedo Speedo and tach
  137. Strange result after New Battery
  138. Electrics De Pinning fuse box connectors
  139. Installing an Android radio head unit
  140. Electrics Dtc pa50 b1168
  141. AC/Heater Quick question! Where is this sensor?
  142. Ishift transmission learning
  143. Video Reverse cam
  144. Electrics Bluetooth car + Xcarlink
  145. Electrics FM Radio ST/Mono
  146. Alarm immobilizer lock alarm
  147. Transmission Hi . I have Honda Cvic Type R Fn2 57 reg.
  148. Electrics Original cabel lugs?
  149. Parking Recommend parking sensors for Alabaster Silver Civic
  150. Dashlights cdplayer/steeringwheel/climate control
  151. Green Immobilizer shows following flat battery
  152. Other Fuses for option connector?
  153. Alarm replacing mk8 alarm module
  154. Other Key Fob help
  155. AC/Heater A/C help
  156. Disconnecting alarm siren
  157. Electrics instrument backlight level adjustment
  158. AC/Heater Failed ac compressor
  159. Electrics Civic owner in need of help !
  160. Electrics Unknown red light
  161. Safety Cameras Factory fitted(?) reversing camera no picture
  162. Electrics Double Din Help...
  163. AC/Heater Mysterious Climate Control Disappeared
  164. Other Comfort closure
  165. AC/Heater A/C Cold air problem after regass
  166. AC/Heater Air Con and trip computer issues
  167. Electrics Speedometer wire
  168. Battery Car struggling to start?
  169. Satnav Android Sat-Nav question
  170. Safety Cameras Honda Civic 2013 Rear Camera/reverse lights/wiper
  171. Electrics LED Rev Indicator stopped working
  172. Safety Cameras Dash cam
  173. Alarm Alarm gremlins (Achtung: probable repost)
  174. Satnav Radio problems
  175. Other NEW Automatic folding wing mirrors module
  176. Speedo Speedo clock facia
  177. Satnav Audio volume turns down when sat nav voice comes on
  178. Other REV sensor
  179. Other Routing additional cables
  180. Battery Ground cable question?
  181. Electrics Mk8 Door handle failure - Cant open the door
  182. Computer Diagnostic System HDS
  183. Rear window not working
  184. Parking parking sensors
  185. Aftermarket radio problems
  186. Phone Twin USB charger
  187. Other Engine Control Unit (ECU) faulty
  188. Alarm Internal lights won't go off after set the alarm
  189. Electrics Help, turn signal, hazard lights , relay not working.
  190. Satnav GPS message
  191. Electrics Shift light
  192. Electrics Outside temp issue 07 2.2 ctdi
  193. AC/Heater AC and radio issues
  194. AC/Heater Air con
  195. Electrics Spare key not working
  196. VSA 2007 2.2 i CTDI limp mode permanently
  197. Battery What's going on here?
  198. Other Central locking issue
  199. Satnav Europe maps
  200. Folding mirror on Honda Civic Type R. Fn 2 2007
  201. Honda Civic Type R Fn2. 2007. Thanks
  202. Computer Fried ECU after SCS Mode in HDS?
  203. Other BCM Body Control Module Repairer North West ?
  204. Battery Extra ground point 1.8 petrol
  205. Warnings Battery light flashing - Car is now KOed
  206. Parking Reverse camera installation help
  207. Phone HFT issues
  208. Computer abs fault code reader
  209. Electrics Civic Diesel will not start on warm days or when engine warm
  210. Other HDS manual
  211. Electrics Need help to find out the correct cable for foot light kit
  212. Alarm Central Locking or Boot Fault
  213. AC/Heater AC Pressure sensor
  214. Electrics Aftermarket double din
  215. Alternator Testing
  216. AC/Heater Blowing hot air after replacing relay
  217. Battery Check system warning solved with new battery
  218. Alarm Any local manchester civic electrical mechanics who know central locking?
  219. AC/Heater Check system
  220. Satnav Honda navigation update
  221. Electrics Radio or Display Panel
  222. Warnings Changed Stero now car won't start!
  223. Computer ECU Software Update
  224. Other What's the difference between the type r rear cluster and the sport one.
  225. Electrics Door panel removal
  226. Other clock display dull
  227. Battery Battery problem?
  228. Alarm alarm going off / replace hood latch?
  229. Parking Existing reverse camera compatibility?
  230. Electrics 09 Honda civic wing mirror issue.
  231. Speedo VSS sensor on gear box
  232. Parking Parking sensors for vivad blue fn1
  233. Parking Retro fit oe rear parking sensors
  234. Parking Backup camera options FN2
  235. Parking Recommended reversing camera? (2008 EX)
  236. Electrics Electric window problems
  237. Electrics Spedometer light keeps going off
  238. Computer New Civic Owner 2006 model
  239. AC/Heater Air-con compressor
  240. Electrics Driver side speaker not working
  241. Electrics Apexi AVC-R in FN3 Turbo
  242. Electrics Is the power feed to the NP lights regulated
  243. Electrics Mystery cable coming from dash compartment?
  244. Phone Accord Hands Free Phone (HFT) Issue
  245. Parking Parking sensors on a Civic 2010 EX GT
  246. Electrics ABS/VSA warning
  247. Phone Phone Holder integration
  248. Alarm Flashing indicators and alarm
  249. Other Bad radio reception after Parrot install
  250. Electrics power folding mirrors fn4