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: Electronics (8G)

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  1. Electrics power folding mirrors fn4
  2. Battery battery comparison
  3. Battery battery comprison
  4. Electrics Help needed
  5. Battery Front windows don't work..
  6. Alarm Fn2 Alarm and immobiliser headach
  7. Phone HFK not finding my Phone
  8. AC/Heater Leak service in West Yorkshire
  9. Electrics Dtc pa10 b1029
  10. Electrics Retrofit TPMS
  11. Electrics Boot on civic will not open
  12. Other Flickering dash
  13. Other head unit whine?
  14. Other Coolant Sensor
  15. Satnav Parking Camera wiring
  16. Electrics Wireless charger
  17. Battery Is my battery weak?
  18. Add-on nav Navigation unit
  19. Parking 08 civic parking sensors
  20. Electrics Reverse camera
  21. Phone Android - No Phone Audio
  22. AC/Heater A/C issues
  23. Electrics Audio Button
  24. Satnav Sat -Nav button not operating
  25. Electrics Fuse power and location
  26. Phone Where is the mic wiring
  27. Electrics What's happening with my dash display?
  28. Electrics Folding mirrors on locking
  29. how to change the time?
  30. Electrics Code reader
  31. Alarm My neighbours hate me. Help!!!
  32. Electrics Rear screen demister
  33. Phone HFT passcode
  34. Electrics No warning lights coming on in dash
  35. Parking Factory fitted reverse camera
  36. Alarm Alarm issue
  37. Alarm No flash on locking/unlocking
  38. Parking Reverse camera options
  39. VSA Help with ABS VSA Fault codes from Ethos reader
  40. Electrics 12v supply
  41. Other Where Does This Go?
  42. Satnav Sat nav screen swap
  43. Alarm Central Locking
  44. Other Double Din head unit recommendations.
  45. Other information display screen missing characters
  46. Phone High pitch on the other end
  47. Electrics Wire the oem Aux and usb into double din unit
  48. AC/Heater After blower replaced warm air only from passenger site
  49. AC/Heater Air-conditioning switches for a minute and stops working
  50. Electrics Power fold wing mirrors
  51. Electrics OBD2 Reader
  52. Safety Cameras Reversing camera replacement
  53. Alarm Alarm/immobiliser red light...
  54. AC/Heater A/C fault codes
  55. Electrics satnav stereo to double din android stereo
  56. Electrics left handed wiper linkage?
  57. Electrics What I thought was the SOD
  58. VSA Obd interface
  59. Electrics Hazard switch illumination
  60. Electrics Remove ECU
  61. Electrics Rev counter and multi function display problem
  62. Electrics All systems down
  63. Electrics Civic EX Mirrors Not Folding
  64. Electrics Part number only required, not the actual part.
  65. Battery Push Start
  66. Electrics Problem after satnav upgrade
  67. Electrics Is Daylight running lights wiring fitted as standard?
  68. Electrics Issues with dashboard backlight.
  69. Electrics Immobiliser chip location.
  70. Electrics Bluetooth suddenly stopped working
  71. Electrics No green light and wont start
  72. Electrics Folding mirror probs again
  73. Other Intermittent wing mirror LED repeater
  74. Satnav Sat nav disc error
  75. Electrics Will this aux work in my car
  76. Electrics Fuse 16 physical ID
  77. Battery Battery keeps dying
  78. Electrics Code reader
  79. Electrics Need help with electronics problem! Car cutting out!
  80. Electrics Wing mirror glass
  81. Parking Reverse camera cable route 5dr
  82. Alarm Lock and unlock
  83. Speedo Does anybody know how to remove the speedo as i need to check the connections?
  84. Electrics Need Help - MK8 1.4 iVTEC 09 - Electrical issues
  85. Electrics Flat tyre + VSA both with check system lights at the bottom appearing
  86. VSA ABS and VSA Warning Lights
  87. Satnav Satnav in a 2010 Civic
  88. Electrics switched + wire
  89. Electrics T-Grade SSD Bluetooth Issues
  90. Alarm Auto locking central locking
  91. Electrics Where to find honda part numbers?
  92. Satnav 3 finger salute ?
  93. Satnav 2006 2.2 Satnav issues
  94. Electrics Alternator for K20Z4.. Replacement
  95. Satnav Honda touch screen "Flipping out"
  96. Satnav Double din instead of SatNav
  97. Electrics Ecu
  98. Electrics Dashboard light problem
  99. Parking sensor & recommended garage around London
  100. Phone Bluetooth module
  101. Electrics Connects2 kit
  102. Electrics HFT Bluetooth Issues Fixed
  103. Electrics Obd2
  104. Speedo Speedometer reading way out
  105. Electrics Rev Counter
  106. Electrics Navi ECU location ? Navi display went dark.
  107. Electrics DIY gauges install
  108. Electrics Just installed Double Din - Reverse Camera and Air Con?
  109. Electrics Driver side window problem
  110. AC/Heater Heater blower relay?
  111. Safety Cameras FN2 Reverse Camera Installation Help
  112. Alarm Disconnecting bonnet switch
  113. Alarm Silencing alarm with just key (not button)
  114. Electrics Help - Hazard lights stuck on
  115. Parking Cismo parking sensors help
  116. Electrics HELP! At my wits end! Dash lights change help
  117. VSA VSA Fault.
  118. Electrics Power fold mirror
  119. VSA Civic 8 abs Vsa system
  120. Electrics Seat Belt Issue
  121. Video Which camera fits bulb housing?
  122. Alarm Auto locking alarm - Aftermarket?
  123. Electrics Radio and fuses
  124. Parking sensors
  125. Alarm Alarm - Normal or not??
  126. Electrics What's this?
  127. Electrics Volunteers with Hands Free
  128. Electrics Need replacement 12V socket for front of civic 07
  129. Electrics Instrument Cluster 2007 1.8
  130. Electrics Instument Cluster 2007 1.8 iVtec
  131. Electrics Clock out of Sync & Audio button nothing
  132. Speedo Type R Digital Dash Display
  133. Alarm New Key (With Remote Boot?)
  134. Satnav Small Niggles
  135. Electrics Boot warning light flickering...
  136. AC/Heater 2007 Civic AC Problem MICU Replacement
  137. Electrics replace rear camera the easy way?
  138. Other Mirros close up/down with key
  139. Electrics Install a Head Up display (hud)
  140. Electrics Hazards keep flashing when locking car - no sound
  141. Phone HTC phone Bluetooth marshmallow not connecting
  142. Warnings Car won't start, engine management light on (Parrot removal)
  143. Automation Rain Sensor - How is Fixed To Windscreen?
  144. Electrics Help! Please ! Intermittent CEL & COL faults
  145. Electrical Issue
  146. Electrics digital clock display
  147. AC/Heater Clicking and buzzing from A/C
  148. AC/Heater AC working for about 10 seconds and then blowing hot air.
  149. Computer Faulty Management light
  150. Electrics US R18 ECU for Europe/Japanese Civic (GreenKey Light appears immobilizer issue)
  151. Electrics Loose Cables Behind Radiator
  152. Electrics Works Bell Rapfix + Spoon Steering Wheel - Losing the steering wheel controls..
  153. Parking Parking sensor problem
  154. Battery Power cable lug/shoe?
  155. Electrics Starting issue
  156. Electrics 08 TypeS display/Stereo problem
  157. AC/Heater Air con issues
  158. Electrics Folding wing mirror not working!
  159. Electrics Remap FN2 without flashpro
  160. Warnings Power Steering failure - bad earth fixed
  161. Battery Drained battery doh!
  162. AC/Heater Air con not blowing air
  163. Phone Android 6.0.1 and Type R hands free
  164. Electrics Fitting a additional alarm LED panel
  165. Phone Any parrot kit installers in Essex
  166. Battery Disconnected battery to clear codes, now all the dashboard lights dim, help
  167. Parking Parking sensors
  168. AC/Heater A/c compressor coil cheaper than Honda?
  169. Electrics Dashboard
  170. Other is any radio main board difference from left hand drive to right hand drive ?
  171. Electrics Boost Gauge help
  172. Satnav Sat Nav Update DVD
  173. Electrics Lock Earth
  174. Battery 1 year old battery is flat? Possibly due to new ICE?
  175. Other Dashcam question
  176. Electrics EML help required
  177. Electrics Are fuses needed?
  178. Speedo Cruise Control
  179. Electrics Alternator output too low?
  180. Electrics Obd reader info
  181. Speedo Trip Computer
  182. Electrics Do not work these four buttons.
  183. Satnav DVD Read Error/Freezing
  184. Computer ECU Part numbers
  185. Electrics In need of some dead wing mirror SODs
  186. Electrics Clock spring wiring
  187. AC/Heater Testing the air conditioning compressor ??
  188. Phone Pairing problems
  189. Other Fob Battery
  190. Electrics No dash illumination when sidelights turned on?
  191. VSA VSA Button, broken or user error?
  192. Electrics wing mirror problems
  193. Other Side lights stay on when locking car unit?
  194. Electrics removing rev counter..Help!
  195. X5252X Connector
  196. AC/Heater Double Din connects2 scrambled display
  197. Battery spare key battery out of charge
  198. Electrics retro fit power folding mirrors
  199. Alarm Alarm keeps going off
  200. replacing alarm
  201. Cruise Cruise control not working on my Fn2
  202. Electrics blown fuse of garmin gps?
  203. Other Tyre deflation warning
  204. AC/Heater Sat Nav, Radio, Clock power loss
  205. AC/Heater PTC Heater - how hot
  206. Alarm Possible to switch off alarm without radio key fob?
  207. VSA VSA lights error help (problem around brake switch)
  208. Computer New ECU time?
  209. Battery New Battery
  210. Other Clocks wont turm of after connects 2
  211. Electrics Radio, Central Locking, Parrot and Console Dead
  212. Electrics No instruments work
  213. AC/Heater AC is warm even on low
  214. Parking Parking Sensors
  215. AC/Heater Air con not working!
  216. Satnav Update Satnav Version
  217. Fitted double din now no fan display
  218. Electrics HFT start snoozing
  219. Folding mirrors
  220. Electrics O/S Door mirrow Indicator LEDs flickering.
  221. Electrics Intermittent rear parking sensors - How to determine which is faulty?
  222. Electrics Interior boot light drain
  223. Electrics Mirrors
  224. Electrics Windscreen Wiper Motor Removal
  225. Alarm Whats going on with my central locking or alarm?
  226. VSA Vsa/abs light
  227. Add-on nav buy sat nav version or normal and buy double din sat nav
  228. Other No folding mirrors
  229. Electrics Ignition Switched 12v in Interior Light
  230. Electrics Car not starting after changing battery
  231. Battery Fn2 battery change
  232. Add-on nav questions about 2007 civic with built in satnav
  233. Sat Nav
  234. Speedo Speed sensor 1.4 dsi
  235. Electrics Drivers window controls won't control passenger window
  236. Electrics Car gone loopy
  237. Other Dash light not working, help please.
  238. AC/Heater Retrofitting dual climate
  239. Other Double din headunit
  240. Alarm Random Alarm
  241. Tow bar Help
  242. Electrics Footwell lights
  243. Phone How do you link a iphone 5?
  244. Electrics Drivers side speaker and tweeter.
  245. Other where is the wiper relay?
  246. Electrics Brake light still works when pressing pedal with ignition off
  247. Satnav Is Honda sat nav interchangeable?
  248. Electrics Folding mirror
  249. Electrics Another VSA Airbag light after amp install. HELP please!
  250. Electrics Wiring Diagrams/Schematics